LBP not a PS3 Exclusive after all?

Little Big Planet on the PC? Bwah? Reader Jacob writes: "Got these display boxes in at work for Little Big Planet on the PC, How Very Queer!!!"

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Le-mo5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Since when has Sony released their console owned IP on the PC?

Fishy Fingers5340d ago

They dont, unless maybe when developed by SOE (The Agency for example). Lets forget that Sony and MM have stated on several occasions it's PS3 exclusive, let's all believe this one single anonymous image.

Yay for the internet morals.

AcidHorse5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Sony Online Entertainment was a separate division of Sony until recently. They are responsible for the Everquest series.

Just look it up:

So what? The PC platform is neutral. Microsoft has allowed Gears of War to be released on PC. I don't see an article about how Microsoft is screwed. I am flabbergasted at your "console owned" remark. The PS3 isn't a company, it cannot "own" anything. The PS3 is nothing more than a machine in which Sony executes its IPs on.

Seriously this article and the person who submitted it should be banned form the internet :)

TOSgamer5340d ago

Then have it pirated and hacked to death.

theKiller5340d ago

kotaku thought they can trick us since sony is releasing the Agency on PC, but thats the only game that will be released on PC, and most probably later after the ps3 version!

DolphGB5340d ago

The logos at the bottom of the sleeve aren't equally distant from each other.

The sleeve insert doesn't even reach the edge of the box.

The only question here, my friends, is this; inkjet, or colour laser?

solidt125340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

I actually think this would be ok but probably not gonna happen, but if it does I hope that PS3's can download levels that PC guys made and visa-versa. LBC will be my game of the year.

whoelse5340d ago

Kotaku are desperate to find anything that could be a negative for Sony and PlayStation.

HighDefinition5340d ago

Make their living off of sh!t like this.

Booyah5340d ago

I'm just wondering ... to those who saw the images, do Sony uses that logo today ? Right next to PC Logo thing.

riskibusiness5340d ago

If the game runs on a Windows OS, it is not neutral and it is a win for MS. This is why PC/XBOX360 games are many. It matters not really to MS. The royalties may be slightly higher on the xbox 360 though.

I find it hard to believe LBP will make it to PC. There is no way Sony would let this go to PC....but who would have though Square would go xbox crazy?

UGA_15340d ago

Notice how that blog post from Kotaku does not have a title? What's up with that? First time I've ever seen one like that.

Matpan5340d ago

No one said sony was screwed, nor did the article. Yet I remember so many posts on Gears` topics saying "meh! that´s not an exclusive, I`ll buy it on PC when it released" and the plethora of similar comments and the flame about wether it count as an exclusive or not.

I couldn´t care less if any game for any console I own was going to PC also, for what that matters. But don´t go saying sony is being attacked for this (not at least on the second comment when nothing has been said).

vdesai5340d ago

Kotaku is trash. Do you really believe a display cover would look like that I dont think so. I could have done better in paint.

DaTruth5340d ago

Ya, I wasn't gonna buy a PC, but than I heard LBP was on it and so I am. And MS will get my money from my copy of Windows that came with my PC.
What a stretch!

gambare5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

1.- look at the LBP"logo" that's not the official one.
2.- they got the old Sony E logo
3.- LBP uses the PSN and there is no PSN logo on it
4.- it say "PC DVDrom" and LBP comes in a BD
5.- LBP is used online and there is no Online logo
6.- Is Kotaku, one of the most furious M$ lovers

most important...... LBP is published by Sony of Europe, and there is no SoE logo

mikeslemonade5340d ago

This game is a system seller and one of the candidates for game of the year, so Sony better not put this on PC.

Tarasque5340d ago

Really who gives a crap except the sony loyalist. I own 360, ps3 and a pc, let it come to all consoles for all i care. I get to play the game regardless so that is all that matters.

JsonHenry5340d ago

Who cares? This game is gonna FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

Wait till the reviews..

BLuKhaos5339d ago

like MGS 4 or like NG2?

godofthunder105339d ago

I personaly don't care if it's on the 360,pc,or wii because i don't care for the game.Honestly i think that LBP not only look like a childish game but it plays like one to.It's the same typ of game that is usualy on the wii. I know that some people like LBP and i respect them for it and i wish that it was on wii,360 and pc just so they can play it.

I'm not like the childish fanboys.I wish that every one can play every game no matter what system they have because every one deserve to play all the games.I don't care what system a game is on,i wish that it was on every system because it want hurt me one bit all it would do is let every one enjoy the game.Fanboys on the other hand act as if they would lose money if a certain game that's on the system they have is put on the other.It reminds me of a child that want share his toys.He will still have them but it will just let some else enjoy them to.

All fanboys need to grow up and act their age.They should be embarresed by the way they act and if i was them i would be ashamed of my self.I like to know why fanboys don't want certain games that on the system they have to be on other systems.I guess they think that if the system they have is the only one to have certain games it make them look smart.The only thing it does is show how childish they are by not wanting other people to enjoy the game.

SL1M DADDY5339d ago

Some Xbox or PC fanboy went to all the trouble to make this crap up and the it's even worse that Kotaku puts it up on their website for more hits. A desperate attempt to start flames by a fanboy then fueled by the ever diminishing journalism of Kotaku... Sad folks, really sad.

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boodybandit5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

OMG are you kidding me? How often does this site say anything at all positive about Sony? This is like the 3rd article I read this week with them mentioning LBP and it's never good. Now they are talking about the possibility of it ending up on another format?

Why would they want that? Would they then jump on the LBP bandwagon?

This site is filled with so much venom towards anything Sony.
Maybe Bruce on Games should apply for a job with kotaku. He would be a perfect fit.

AcidHorse5340d ago

I blame the person who submitted the article. Just because the story is out there doesn't mean that person as to dignify it by posting it here.

DeadIIIRed5340d ago

It seems to me that Kotaku is becoming more and more inclined to rip on anything PS3 related.

Cenobia5340d ago

Why is everyone hating on Kotaku? I go their all the time, and I don't really see a huge bias. This article is obviously not a good example of their journalistic integrity, but they usually just present the news fast with a bit of humor.

Either way, this article is obviously BS. I'm not sure why they wrote it up at all since that isn't the official cover art, and it could have easily been photoshopped in like 2 minutes. Also, its really not interesting since it was most likely a mix up by the store, if it is in fact real.

mfwahwah5340d ago

I'm sensitive to Sony hate on websites, and I go to Kotaku all the time. They're pretty even with their hate from what I've seen, and I go there everyday.

504BADBOY5340d ago

i heard the game was coming 2 the 360 and the wii when MM contract is up with sony from my cousin who work 4 MM now yall kids dont go jumping outta windows and running in front trains an stuff its not worth it

TOSgamer5340d ago

Yeah when I use to visit Kotaku I didn't see a heavy bias against any console. They just pretty much hate on everything equally. But their "make fun of everything because we are cool attitude" wore thin on me. Its much easier to break something then it is to build it. And all they do it break games, systems and people down... They are becoming the tabloid trash of the video game industry.

UGA_15340d ago

Wake up people! They are being paid by MS to advertise MS products. They are not journalist, there is no journalistic integrity whatsoever, the guys that write for that site do not even play the games that they talk about. They are a tool for Microsoft to use in this blog fueled web "2.0" guerilla marketing ploy.

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The Wood5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

2 FAIL's in 1 day

yeah bandit

Bruce on Games + Bukaku = INBRED FAIL

DaKid5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

crazy talk

TheExecutive5340d ago

Its funny how they willingly call 360 games that show up on the PC as 360 exclusives but not with the PS3!

On topic: Not gonna happen. Since when does sony publish their PS3 IP's on PC?

Common Sense5340d ago

Mass Effect and Gears of War 1&2 aren't 360 exclusives either (and possibly Halo 3).