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Masochisia immerses players into the world and thought process of a young boy, on a very unstable and difficult road. The title is lacking in player agency, but still draws them in through the clever writing and unsettling art style.

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HRD_Games2406d ago

Looks like a really messed up game. Not sure if my head would deal well with it all. Shame, as it seems interesting. Just...looks really dark.

MrsNesbitt2406d ago

Yeah too weird and dark for me too

lordmiffter2406d ago

Messed up game? Count me in!

1noobgamer2406d ago

Im going to need counselling

GamerGabs2406d ago

It is a very difficult game with themes that aren't for everyone. If you felt like it would have this response I would really suggest that you did not pick it up.