Japan's Best Games of the Year

Japan based columnist, Tim Rogers, shares his top 20 games in Japan of the year. Included on the list is: Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy XII, and Godhand. What's his number one pick? Keep reading to find out.

First and third place goes to XBOX 360,Can you believe it??

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PS3n3605257d ago

But we all know 360 has the best games now and will for a loooooooooong time.

power0919995257d ago

Yeah... well anyway.

On the serious side of things, this surprises me a bit. Not that it's 360, but that it's not an RPG that took 1st.

On a personal level though. Dead rising might be a fun game, but "Best Game of the Year"? Come on. Even the XBox fanboi's have to admit that it isn't THAT good.

This is confusing givin the less than par sales numbers for 360 in Japan.

Oh well. Good work MS!

Now make me a sammich.

GAMER_4_Life5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

2 me, 360 has allready won.Many devolopers are making games 2 360.The GIANT sony lost the marketshare.they ownd allmost 90% befor,look at they now.Not 2 mention that GTA,The system seller,The big hit is on 360 now.That says alot of things if u start using ur brain.Just like if HALO goes 2 Playstation,hmmmm..what dos that mean!?!?!?!

xfrgtr5257d ago

120 millions ps2, 8.2 millions 360 only,Sony lost market share, are you kidding me,the ps2 is still outselling the 360.And next the ps3 will take over the ps2 fanbase from more than a 120 millions.2007 is the beginning of the end for the 360.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5257d ago

come on do you actually believe that the PS3 is going to sell that many units, maybe at best half of that. My personal views are PS3: 50-60 million by 2012, PS2: still selln' at 150 million maybe more, Wii: 30-40 million and 360: 40-50 million. All of these maybe a little on the high side.

jedicurt5257d ago

wow, out of all of the games, they picked Dead Rising as the Best game of the year?????

okay, i could of lived with blue dragon, but dead rising?

that game (in my opinion) was only fun for about 3 hours, and then i gave the controller back to my little brother and waited till i could get back to Oblivion

THAMMER15257d ago

I guess the 360 is not dead in Japan after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.