Addict Gaming: 1942: Joint Strike Review

Addict Gaming Writes "Nearly a Quarter of a century ago Capcom captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with the launch of 1942, a top down 2D scroller where you controlled a plane that had set out to destroy enemy forces in the pacific theatre. The 194x series was great, and it's still considered an all-time classic to some. But after all those years it just cannot compete with some of the games available on the market today, a classic that unfortunately didn't stand the test of time.

Once you load the game up, you'll see the menu portrays a 1940s scrap pinup board. It has a deliberately grainy filter and airplanes tear across the screen every time you select something, accompanied by the most realistic battlefield sound effects you've ever heard in an arcade game. The in-game and menu music really does an astounding job at immersing you into the fact that you're about to go to War."

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