Ghostlight Explains Mugen Souls Steam Censorship

GG3 writes: "Publisher Ghostlight is ready for tomorrow’s Steam release of Mugen Souls, a roleplaying game (RPG) that originally released on Playstation 3 in 2012. It will, however, be the censored version of the game, which the company states is Valve’s request."

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Kalebninja2716d ago

Good, hopefully it gets to a point "games" like this don't exist.

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AHall882716d ago

Yeah, screw anything you don't like!
Nothing that you don't like should be made!

Sexual content never hurt anyone, just don't buy it, don't wish for it all to go away.

There's enough people out there that any kind of game will have some sort of a small niche market, look at all those "walking simulators."

Kalebninja2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

The point is I don't consider this a game because of its purpose. Theres sexual content like god of war or GTA but then there's this which puts child characters in the mix. Its a vent for perverts.

I don't like it and I don't think it should exist. I don't care who likes it or who doesn't its disguisting.

vanity292716d ago

Hopefully shooters and sports games stop being made. The sooner the better.


Rachel_Alucard2716d ago

I hope it gets to a point where people like "you" don't exist.

Kalebninja2715d ago

People who are against the sexualization of children in any form? Okay.

Rachel_Alucard2715d ago


No see what you're doing is trying to argue that video game characters are the same as real people therefore we should all ban things that portray what people think is wrong. What you don't realize is

A. Your arguement is about as sound as Anita saying that rape in a video game is the same as rape in real life.

B. You are in the belief that everyone who likes games like this are full blown pedophiles when in actuality theres never been any evidence to suggest that.

C. You come off as ignorant and insecure to the subject because you probably not only never actually played or even heard of this game, but also probably parrot what other people say is good and bad to you, therefore everyone who believes outside of your opinions is wrong and should be persecuted and shunned.

So basically I can bet you came in here just because you saw mention of japanese sexualization and knew what to write before even reading the article preview. In the end, you solved nothing, you gained nothing, and you changed nothing. Clearly based on the comments, people like you are in the minority and everytime a sexualized japanese game is the target, there's always that small group of people saying the same old lines. You literally add nothing to any discussion and everyone will just kick you out anyway, so there's no point in wishing to death to all people who play ecchi games.

Kalebninja2715d ago

None of what you said is true as to why I commented.

Here's a few things.

1. I hate Anita and everything she stands for so don't compare me to someone who uses lies to gain popularity.

2. I never used the word "pedophile" I know its definition and its not a word to throw around. I used pervert which is what the games fans are.

3. Why the bloody f*** would I play a game I'm against hmm? I can easily watch gameplay and read a synopsis which is obviously how I'm judging the games content.

4. Im not in the minority. This is a post filled with fans of these games so obviously I'm going to get disagrees but take a step I the real world then tell me how many people support these games.

Rachel_Alucard2715d ago


If you are against these games what hope do you gain by coming in here to ridicule the people who play them? As if they are wrong to enjoy these games because they don't fit your ideals. You're in the minority of people who support censorship I can assure you and you assume everyone who plays these games is only interested in tits and ass when there are other game related reasons someone would enjoy it.

Kalebninja2714d ago

Look this isn't about general censorship its about sexualization of children which once again most people in the real world would not support I can assure you. I dont care what you like about this game, I'm against it so obviously I find wrong whoever plays it. If I was against something but didn't find whoever wasn't against it as incorrect then I would be a hypocrite.

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AizenSosuke2716d ago

Ummm.....Interesting picture over here hello anyone can u call back the Shingami.

Nonscpo2716d ago

This is hilarious! A game with all of it's suggestive themes isn't allowed, but a Yuri game (17+) is. It's interesting what Steam will and won't allow, kinda like Twitch...Heyo ;)

Yuri reference, just in case:

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