Tales of Zestiria DLC Will Let You Buy Levels, Experience, and HP

"Microtransactions in RPGs have become a common occurrence these days, with many games giving you the opportunity to spend money on special weapons and items. In Tales of Zestiria’s case, however, Namco Bandai has opted to give you the option to straight up buy levels, experience, HP and more."

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Godmars2902291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

First I'm hearing about this in SP RPGs.

Oh, and there is no written word that expresses the amount this pisses me off. And don't give me anything about not having to buy it, since this isn't aimed at someone who wants to play through the game "honestly". This is for casuals wanting to rush though it. Will embolden Bandai to further work in F2P mechanics into somewhat's suppose to be a full f^$#ing $60 game!

icewater852291d ago

Your comment is pointless because they have been doing this since 2008 when Tales of Vesperia came out on the 360.

user66660472291d ago

Just because they've been doing it doesn't mean he knew.

DanielGearSolid2291d ago


You're missing the point...

They've been doing it since 2008 and haven't been "emboldened" to add more "f2p mechanics"

The conspiracy theory is pointless...

Featuring_Dante2291d ago

I'd only be pissed if i HAD to buy them. Been playing Tales since 09 and didnt have to spend any extra money aside from the game. And there was no instance where i felt that the in-game money and XP from battles was too little and i had to buy it from the store. As long as the game's balance isnt affected by this, i dont care because im not supporting this anyway.

DanielGearSolid2291d ago

Its a single player game....

IF bill doesnt have time to grind, he can put the extra money down

If you have the time to play don't put the extra money down... (Bill's decision doesnt affect you at all)

It's simple logic that doesn't need to be explained every time. Stop being so eager to be outraged and use your brain... enough is enough

Godmars2902291d ago

And if it were so simple, so easy to deter, then it would have stopped at horse armor instead of begun.

DanielGearSolid2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Since when does it have to be "detered"

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Clearly the majority likes dlc and MTs... So its here to stay. Be happy it's optional, and get over this ludicrous idea that publishers are gonna stop their MT revenue stream because ppl that weren't gonna add to that revenue in the first place complain

nX2291d ago

Now I'm glad I didn't buy it, almost did. Don't support this BS!

gprime2291d ago

The availability of these DLCs doesn't have any effect on people who choose not to buy them. You can buy the levels if you want, but it's entirely unnecessary. The leveling system in the games is fair, and they give you plenty of in-game money from battles. I've never needed to grind for experience or money in any of the tales games, and they've been doing this for pretty much as long as paid DLC has existed.

DanielGearSolid2291d ago

List all of the games you currently own

If even one of them has MTs you're full of sh**

BTW even consoles have MTs, for themes, avatars, etc. So i hope you don't own any.

(I'm using your logic)

vanity292291d ago

How does not buying a game help support not buying MT? Not buying MT supports not buying MT lmao.

Tell me how this actully effects you btw. Im curious.

ZaWarudo2291d ago

I'm pretty sure the previous games had this as well.

Kane222291d ago

this has been in almost every tales game since last gen. don't start acting like this is new...

Godmars2902291d ago

With nothing really happening with RPGs, aside from them coming back, I'm just now hearing about this.

Worse, since this has been going on for a while, it only means that things are going to escalate.

Spotie2291d ago

Escalate how?

I don't necessarily want to partake, but even I have to admit the amount of time I have for gaming is a fraction of what it was in the past. Others in the same situation may opt to speed things along a bit. As long as it remains an option, I don't see the problem.

And the alarmist tone of the article, treating this as something new and dangerous, is disingenuous.

Godmars2902291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

We're talking about something that first used game points and now uses money while supposedly having no impact. The next "logical" step therefore is impacts gameplay or story. Like the Prothean DLC in ME3.

You know, the kind of escalation that's already happened with western RPGs?

Spotie2291d ago

As far as I know, that's still in the game, as it has been in the last few entries, right alongside the ability to speed things up a bit with money.

Thing is: you can't use Grade until you've beat the game(unless this is also a change for Zestiria). The parallel isn't quite there. Quite literally, the only thing that has changed is that you can now enjoy a Grade-like boost on your first playthrough. And, as I said, that's not even new.

There is no "logical" next step.

DivineAssault 2291d ago

This game better be balanced to where you dont need to buy this stuff.. In game content should not be DLC.. Want to add more to the story? Fine, put out some DLC but dont have this stuff laid out to charge people for these things that should be in the core game experience

Featuring_Dante2291d ago

Is this your first Tales since symphonia? They've been doing this since vesperia and the games are quite balanced. This isnt some f2p game.
As i said before, there was no instance in the game where i felt the need to buy microtransactions.

DivineAssault 2291d ago

Ive played almost all of them. I know theyve always been there since vesp but there are more interesting things they can release DLC wise..

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