Don't Let Sackboy's Cute Face Fool You, LBP Is Hard

kotaku's Jim Reilly has a hard time learning littlebigplanet.

"Finally got the hat on the piece of wood and I put some wheels on. But then since the hat is light, we had to make sure it's glued down or it will blow off. Then we had to add two motors (one for each wheel) and manually go in and alter the settings to adjust the speed of the car."

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HighDefinition5230d ago

That would be hilarious if the "SP Story" was extremely difficult.

LBP is the evolution of MARIO, to me anyway.

marinelife95230d ago

I had a hard time assembling my TV stand until I read the directions as well. Why would you complain about a game genre no one has ever played before being difficult without going through a tutorial?

zapass5230d ago

it's funny how a puppet game can make some people so nervous...
me thinks they can feel deep in their guts something massive is brewing about this game... something threatening they can do nothing about except swift boating, preemptive trashing...

pathetic: LBP is going to be huge

RSX5230d ago

Nicely said marinelife. Have a bubble

Gosh of-course when i got my car i jumped in and started driving straight away without driving lessons /sarcasm

Another anti Sony article
Another epic fail

jwatt5230d ago

Well If you suck at creating levels than you can just play the ones that come with the game or the ones that other people create. LBP's model is play, create, share, if you want to whine or feel that your too lazy to create levels than just play them.

This is actually a good sign, if he is having a hard time that shows how deep the customization in LBP can go because in the walk throughs I saw it looks easy.

The Lazy One5230d ago

you suck at metaphors. I drive stick, and it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to drive it the first time.

don't underestimate the learning curve on both the gameplay and level creation of this game though. What you see as blind attacks might just turn into "I told you so"s

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Raoh5230d ago

it seems like he rushed through it for whatever reason but i'm glad that its not too easy.

having to glue a hat so it doesnt blow off? talk about detail

kapedkrusader5230d ago made me want the game even more!

Nathaniel_Drake5230d ago

See physics is a very underrated next gen component, graphics always take the front seat

AStupidXbot5230d ago

This guy is an idiot, he just started playing the game with no tutorials, of course your gonna have problems.

orakga5230d ago

Also if he's every built anything before, he'd know how hard it is to actually make something. A (moving) car is like up there in terms of difficulty.

vdesai5230d ago

Rocket ships should be at the top.

Lew_Ijgee5230d ago

Take a tin can add one bomb.

How about making some cheese??? Huh. Now thats a challenge.

blusoops5230d ago

There's a reason you should play through the single player or even the tutorials first! So u can learn the controls and how things work. This guy just went straight to the creation tools and expected to be an expert? ROFL!!

Day one purchase for me!!

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