Inclusive Pandering In Gaming: Yay or Nay?

DJMMT of Gaming Rebellion Writes: "The current buzzword in game development seems to be “diversity.” Now of course while the term was originally coined to mean racial inclusion, it’s actually more being used today to mean women and members of alternative life style communities such as homosexuals and transgenders. Once again, racial minorities get ignored or tossed to the wayside but that’s not the specific point of this post so I won’t dwell on it today. What I find interesting is that developers seem more to be pandering to pro-diversity groups as opposed to actually developing games with diverse characters in a genuine form. Since I haven’t personally read anything that good on the subject, I decided I wanted to put in my two cents."

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DiaperFace2072d ago

Hell nay. We don't need SJW s*** in our games.

Heyxyz2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

If a character is a good character then race, sexuality, religion, gender, etc. don't matter. What I hate is when devs include a "diverse" character just to check a box and say "yep...we have a ________ character." That insults the people who belong to the group, could associate negative stereotypes within that group, annoys the people outside of the group, and deprives everyone of a good character.

iceman062072d ago

Inclusive pandering? Nay! Diversity for the sake of diversity? Nay! Inclusion of diverse characters that fit the narrative and gameplay motives of the developers? Yay!
No developer should be forced to create something that they don't truly want to create...that's not part of their vision. That being said, it would be nice for more developers to be open to new ideas surrounding the diverse nature of human experience.

002072d ago

to many people want this stuff to be nothing but an accessory, shallow and meaningless. and I'd rather they take garbage elsewhere because I consume entertainment to be entertained not to hear some special snowflake lecture me and impose their fantasy's on my fun.

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