Destiny’s biggest shortcoming is it's elitist community

Michael Alan writes - "“Experienced players only”, “Level 300 required”, Bungies changes to the leveling system hasn’t stopped the community from creating an experience floor, locking players out of content. Since the release of The Taken King, Destiny has found itself back in the good graces of the gaming community and for the most part the general gaming populous."

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Bennibop2172d ago

Have to agree with this, Bungie tried to stop this happening (players requesting you had Gally) now its much much worse.

n1kki62171d ago

I agree I have never had this many problems find online groups on any game. Especially one so focused on teamwork for raids and exotic quests

SmokingMonkey2171d ago

It's why I feel I can't platinum Destiny. All I need are the Perfect Raid and teammate trophies.

Too bad, may get it one day, just picked up the TKK digital bundle for only....


Sony Retail Loyalty site is boss!

bicfitness2171d ago

And yet they refuse to implement proper matchmaking and social tools (LFG) in the actual game, which would solve 99% of these issues.

Bungie are their own worst enemy. Love the game, but the developers and strategic planners are utterly clueless.

Halo2ODST22171d ago

dude did you know timesplitters rewind got more concept art recently, - community site

On Topic - I have noticed this as well, especially on LFG sites, admittedly when i have been looking for people to join me , i do put level requirements (not experience/ or malice/spindle) like 290+ or 300+ but that's only beacuse the activity might be that difficult that lower levels in the group will be inadequate to perform effectively or participate to a useful extent at all, you could be working with people who are just too low, and make no progress at all, so there is a legit argument for having level requirements. When my raid team asked me to do the raid with them at the first week of TTK, i respectfully declined, i did this because i knew my level was not adequate to be an effective member of my team.


Getting into a group to play a raid is like applying for a job.

How much experience do you have raiding sir?

Well, it's my first time..

Mmmm, unfortunately we cannot process your application any further as the position available in Fireteam 2 requires knowledge of how to run the releck.

But, how can I gain that experience if nobody gives me a chance at raiding with them and handling the run? I have references from past fireteams that are willing to give me a good reference; I am a great team player, listen to instruction, can handle myself in a gun fight and I have completed Vault of Glass in a five man squad. I just need someone to show me the ropes... I promise I wont let you down.

WE ARE SORRY, THE LAST POSITION IN FIRETEAM 2 HAS NOW BEEN TAKEN. Feel free to get back to us when your light level is higher up and once you have completed the raid.

*Throws Warlock helmet at the interviewers ghost in frustration!!

Thatguy-3102171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

The sad truth lmao

ABizzel12171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I have to hear it double time. I play Destiny mainly on XBO, but my little brother has been living with me, so I bought it on PS4 so he can play and leave mine alone. He does pretty good for an 8 year old, but when it comes to things like raiding I don't let him play with people because of those exact reasons, so I do them for him.

I'm constantly treated as the low man on the totem pole, and the extra weight they have to carry, because he doesn't have the best or latest gear. Before I come in I tell them I have it on XBO and already beat everything and just trying to get my PS4 characters up, but it's always met with no reply or a No. Finally when I manage to get into a game I'm met with skepticism EVERY SINGLE TIME, but end up being the one carrying the team, and telling them what to do and shortcuts.

It's ridiculous, and could be solved if there was a matchmaking system for everything, and it's worse on the XBO forums at least with people flat out not letting you in unless you're over 300 light with Good Snipers (1000 Yard Stare / Black Spindle), at least 1 Raid weapon, Touch of Malice, and more.

I have all of that so it's not a problem for me on XBO, but it's ridiculous and pretty much condemns anyone who hasn't done the raid or is in the 290+ range and simply needs a couple of raid runs to get weapons or armor to get up to 300.

When you find a group that's willing to accept you, add them to your friends and don't hesitate to see if they'll run it again with you when reset rolls around, otherwise you're going to waste hours in the forums.

Thankfully my group and I aren't like that, we carried a 280 through Black Spindle and the Raid (a friend of a friend), and as long as you can kill ads, "LISTEN & TAKE DIRECTION", and know how to platform (I can't believe how many people simply can't jump across sections) then you're welcome among us.

The platforming thing isn't really an issue, as long as you don't get the relic in a time of need (aka Ory more than halfway dead), because we'll wait and coach you through the maze sections, but overall we're cool as long as you kill ads, and listen to what to do.

corroios2171d ago

You should be able to get light to the top even without doing the raid.

BEASELY2171d ago

Defeats the purpose of "end game," content.

It's not even like you need to be above 300 light to do other activities. 300 is more than enough to do anything in the game. Did Black Spindle at 290.

n1kki62171d ago

It is enough, but the LFG sites are not having it, they have imposed their own cap of 300 and you need spindle or touch of malice. Since it's left up to third party sites for matchmaking destiny does not control the level cap, the community does.

Tetsujin2171d ago

The bigger question is, "The game OR community takes a step forward?"

I've learned from experience you can't have both unfortunately.

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