GamesRadar: MLB Power Pros 2008 Review

While Power Pros 2008 offers an undeniably massive amount of modes and options, gamers could've easily waited until next spring for a truer, fuller follow-up. Veterans of last season's title have pretty much played this game already, but it is a nice place to start if you're new to the series. Don't blame GamesRadar, though, if you start feeling a lot like Bill Murray in Lost In Translation. It's a culture shock in just about every way.

You'll love:
- Lovable visuals
- So much stuff to do
- Smooth gameplay

You'll hate:
- Out-of-date rosters
- Loose fielding controls
- Baffling menus

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zzyzx3726d ago

They're not usually this off, so I'll give them a pass. Still, I'd be interested in seeing a list of Wii titles that they gave a higher rating. Would definitely be good for some laughs.