Metal Gear Online Easy EXP Exploit Lets You Rank Up Fast

One Angry Gamer "If you wanted to get an edge on your opponents in the release of Metal Gear Online for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there's a quick way to rank up and earn all the benefits of a high-level character without doing much of any kind of work at all."

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HighlyDoubtful2671d ago

Most annoying video I've seen in months. Unwatchable.

LackTrue4K2670d ago

This vídeo/ announcer sucks!! Most of the time music is playing over his talking! And the little that is hurd, his voice sounds lazy as 4uck.

lilmetal2670d ago

This has been a thing since MGO1.
Hell, You had to spend 24-hours inside a cardboard box in MGO2 just to get the Box Rush ability.
Nobody did it legit. You just hide and camp in a box for 24-hours.
This ain't new.

Who2670d ago

Exactly, there were even several custom leveling up rooms for all different skills.