Which Video-Game Characters Would You Invite To A Dinner Party

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "We’ve all thought about it at some point or another, would I be eloquent enough to host a dinner party and if so who would I invite? The question is usually aimed at real-life people, dead or alive. But what about our digital companions. How fun would it be if our favourite game characters came to life and wanted to join us for a course, or three."

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HRD_Games2665d ago

Just make sure those Mario brothers don't bring Yoshi along, he'll eat everything and everyone, and poop out some rotten "eggs"

GamerGabs2665d ago

Sounds like a party I'd like to attend. Not sure about GlaDOS though, she'd spend that whole party sarcastically talking about the food because she can't actually eat it, and telling everyone that they're overweight.

MrsNesbitt2665d ago

Haha that's true. I would just throw cake at her!

GamerGabs2665d ago

Maybe invite Princess Peach then, I hear she makes them for Mario! Although, she might get captured on the way to the party...

ConboyAdam2665d ago

Waiting for that awkward moment when Nathan Drake gets drunk and starts hitting on Lara Croft, that alone would be worth seeing

DragonDDark2664d ago

And then they do it while they're drunk.. And a baby was born!

MrsNesbitt2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Be one good looking child!

Hellsvacancy2665d ago

Joel and Ellie, they could do with some hot food and some chill out/relax time

MrsNesbitt2665d ago

Probably a warm room for the night too.

DragonDDark2664d ago

Probably all dem persona characters xD

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