Pocket Gamer: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Cover bands are never quite as good as the original groups themselves. While you might enjoy hearing that familiar riff from 'This Fire', it just isn't the same as actually hearing Franz Ferdinand tune up. Guitar Hero: On Tour invokes that same feeling. While it hones in on the classic Guitar Hero gameplay with great result, design issues with the required peripheral and a poor soundtrack leave the experience flat.

Going On Tour means hitting up five venues in Career mode, each of which you play a set of four songs. Although the songs are preselected, you're given the freedom to play them in any order. Complete all four tunes, as well as an encore song, and you gain popularity needed to play on the next, bigger stage. You also gain cash for purchasing new threads and guitars, although these upgrades are purely for cool factor – they don't have any impact on your performance."

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