CVG Feature: Braid - Breaking the rules of game design

CVG writes: "Jonathan Blow made Braid because... he had to. Like three years' worth of therapy it's a game which changed him and altered the way he sees the world, and it's a game Blow hopes might just work that same magic on every last person with Xbox Live.

Braid is for the most part one man's labour - a classic 2D platformer with none of the negative presumptions 'classic' raises - hammered out over three years of experimentation and iteration, now at last headed to PC and Xbox Live Arcade. Along the way Blow has collaborated with musicians on the game's tunes and worked extensively with artist David Hellman on the visual style, but the game remains personal; still the game he envisioned on day one, free from the distractions of publisher pressure and the chaos of committee design."

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