What's the best secret you've ever found in a game?

PC Gamer: Maybe you found all those secret stars in Braid, or saved Shadow in Final Fantasy 6, or searched Wesker's desk 48 times in Resident Evil 2. Maybe you took the Golden Pantaloons from Baldur's Gate into the sequel with you, then tracked down the Silver Pantaloons, and finally found the Bronze Pantalettes in its expansion Throne of Bhaal before forging the three together into the Big Metal Unit

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SegaGamer949d ago

Dragon Quest 8's Puff Puff club😂

UnSelf948d ago

Jin Sakai jumping up and down so fast on rocks he caused 7 mongols to flee

UnSelf948d ago

Or Jin Sakai having an invisible sword always drawn from his belly that cuts any and everyone a foot in front of him

UnSelf948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Or Jin Sakai’s horse going batshit crazy and sprinting without your control and you are powerless to stop him or dismount.

God I love that game

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