Dream Dodger - The Most Creative And Innovative Endless Runner

Dream Dodger is about and old man, Alfred, dreaming that he is trying to escape from a retirement home. In reality he is hooked up to an IV machine which is causing him to have a lucid dream in the main menu. Before you begin to play you can pick one of the characters illustrated in the press kit as his avatar in the dream. Each one comes in 5-6 variations that need to be unlocked (skins). During the gameplay the player is attacked by nurses and doctors who need to be dodged by tripping them over with a slide or double-jumping over them. Dodge stylish furniture and have a good laugh at Jefferson’s funny animations and Alfred’s comments as he’s running by. Our beautifully crafted environment comes in four different colorful sets that change each time you pass a sharp turn. Once it gets pretty fast, double tap to start riding on a gorilla for temporary protection. Collect power ups to ride on a zip-line and collect energy canisters which can be traded in at the Green Witch’s Pawn Shop for gold! The witch’s shop is an interactive menu with a green lady who talks to you throughout your visit. Compete against the world on the global leaderboard or with your Facebook friends on a smaller scale. We are already working on the first update which will include more power-ups, different gorillas and a completely different environment.

We believe that Dream Dodger is the next big mobile game but we need your help to spread the word! Everyone we know loves it! What we hear the most from the young ones is “it’s cooler than other running games”. The comedy, innovation and creativity combined makes our game stand out from the rest.

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