Edge: Things to Make and Do in LittleBigPlanet

Using mainly felt-tip pens and cardboard, Media Molecule puts the finishing touches to PS3's biggest, littlest and strangest game.

What could you make out of a 20 pence piece and a rubber band? Both items are lying on a coffee table inside Media Molecule's offices when we stop by. Presumably left by a developer searching their pockets for a bus ticket or scrounging about for a pen, in this setting, things like this can quickly assume a deeper significance. Here is an unspoken design challenge: take these, and turn them into something fun.

It's this inquisitive playfulness that lies at the heart of Media Molecule. The company has yet to finish a single game, but following a stellar unveiling at GDC 2007 its first title has seduced almost everyone who's seen it.

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Gangsta Krizzab3728d ago

Yeah it's very informative.

The Dark Matter sounds useful since it can suspend stuff in the air and hold it there I think?

To long to re read.

Superfragilistic3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Agreed. I'll be wasting a lot of spare time on this one. How good does this game look! Can't wait. :)

SCThor3728d ago

you know, the one where Donkey Kong drop barrels and you have to jump to get your way up to the princess.

Your hear it here first!

slave2Dcontroller3728d ago

Lengthy but informative. I'm pleased about the in game levels being fun and I'm also glad to see that MM makes you put some time and creative effort in to get some satisfactory results from your ideas and level design.

A very, very insightful read into the world of LBP.

Thank You Bloodmask :D

SCThor3728d ago

" In this way, LBP is a puzzle game: much of the fun is reverse-engineering what the designers have done. “In making the levels, Mark had one rule: we can’t cheat,” explains Ettouney. “We had to use the same tools to create the levels that players would.” "

thewhoopimen3728d ago

Gaaah! These reads are spoilers I say! Spoilers! Can't wait to get my fingers on this :)

kingme713728d ago

The great thing about this game is they can build onto it with DLC. Say people are clamoring for some effects, they can put out a DLC that covers that. The game doesn't have to be fully complete when it goes gold. Now, are they going to nickel and dime for DLC? Hopefully not, but if it is a big enhancement and I'm digging the creation side of it, I'd pay for it.

titntin3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Another wonderful piece of journalism!
In a world dominated by the 'lowest common denominator' its inspiring to read an article crafted by a serious journalist.

As for the game, it seems its achieving all we could hope for. Such ambition is often a games downfall, trying to do too much instead of concentrating on the core experience, but this game truly has the power to shift expectations.

Can't wait to play and create.... :)

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