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"I’d gone into Year Walk not even knowing what the heck a ‘Year Walk’ actually was – I walk away not only learning about one of the most bizarre, yet interesting, forms of divination I’ve encountered but also incredibly impressed by the game itself. It’s surprising how well the whole concept lends itself to a video game; a massive credit to Simogo. The game offers enjoyable puzzles and a dark, haunting world to explore. This is a horror experience that doesn’t try to frighten you out with gore, jump scares or hideous monsters but an actual disturbing atmosphere. Add to that the great aesthetic of the game plus the fantastic Wii U gamepad intergration and you have a puzzler that you certainly don’t want to miss out on. I don’t need to partake in a Year Walk to know I’ll be playing through this again in the future…" - Use A Potion

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marloc_x1110d ago

Atmosphere is unsettling, especially wandering in it when stumped by some imaginative puzzles! Gamepad integration is wonderful 👍