Sony Plans 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Program

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is now seeking licensees for its upcoming new video game brand "Horizon Zero Dawn."

The game will be presented to the licensing marketplace for the first time at Brand Licensing Europe next week, in advance of its release in Q4 2016.

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Abash3070d ago

I have a feeling that Sony is going to make Horizon into a major series for PlayStation

Sitdown3070d ago

Was this ever a question?

_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

Knowing Sony's track record for releasing new series every gen, I think many felt that way when this title was announced.

Can't wait, sounds like a good idea. Studios that go into apparel and other areas do a good job seeking to make as much as they can make from an IP, many of us would love to buy apparel from some of our favorite IPs to show our support and just based on over all fandom!

LOVE The Fallout and Skyrim stuff, also all of Valves stuff is really cool too.

miyamoto3070d ago

This fits perfectly with PS4's campaign to broaden its install base to the casual gamers.

That imminent Holidays 2015 Price Cut will start the ball rolling.

MrSec843070d ago

@Miyamoto: Accept Horizon Zero Dawn isn't what you would call a casual game in the slightest.
Calling this game casual is like calling the Witcher 3, Bloodborne or Phantom Pain a casual game.

A lot of be required of the player to make sure you've got the require equipment for when you stuff up a mission like in the trailer and have to take on a massive armor plated beast like the Thunder Jaw.

There's probably a lot more dangerous creatures than that one and there's also the possibility that you'll need the items and skills to fight more than one at a time.

Horizon is definitely not looking like it's something for the casuals.
I will say that the concept is very appealing though to a large range of gamers, so from a marketing and the merchandising perspective there's a lot of potential in this franchise.

The possibilities for more games is also huge with this game.

MrSec843070d ago

I'm not sure where the writer of this article or anyone else gets the idea that this isn't coming out until Q4 2016, I mean Guerrilla's last 2 games both released only 9 months after they were announced.

Considering how good it's already running it's at least likely to be releasing in the 1st half of 2016, otherwise Sony and Guerrilla wouldn't have bothered announcing it until PSX.

Shinobi602 has been bang on about the details surrounding this game and he said the original intention was for this to be a Fall 2015 release, obviously things got changed, but it's had over 4 years in development already, 2 years of which most of a studio with over 270 people have been working on it.
Obviously RIGS is being made by part of Guerrilla's resources, but Horizon is the major deal.

This is most likely coming in the 1st half of next year.

Irishguy953069d ago

Calling this game casual is like calling "X,Y,Z"

Ehmm No...since no one has played it yet no one can judge it. It could very well be a piss easy casual game

On the other gand it could be an intense challenge.

GG do nice difficulty settings with EASY and HARD so Horizon will probably be okay

ChronoJoe3069d ago


The difference is that Guerilla's last two games were both existing IPs, with engines and technology already crafted to build those games. This is different, dev time and marketing are liable to take longer. So I think Q3 or Q4 2016 seems more reasonable.

bluefire90163069d ago

What exclusive isn't a series at this point besides Ico and Shadow of the Colossus?

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3070d ago
lipton1013070d ago ShowReplies(16)
bobtheimpaler3070d ago

I'd like a 1/6 scale aloy figure. And ThreeA to make a dino bot or two.

medman3070d ago

I will buy an Aloy t-shirt and rock it hard, no doubt.

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Relientk773070d ago

Honestly I want mechanical dinosaur action figures lol

-Foxtrot3070d ago

I want this Dinobot


As a garden space heater

Thanks :)

MightyNoX3070d ago

I think you'd get a good TV reception with that thing.

UltraNova3070d ago

Now this makes me want Guerrilla to include super robo-dinos, Shadow of the colossus big!

Think about it for a sec, these super massive dinos can be optional in hard to reach areas just like super hard enemies like dragons (Kalameet, you bastard!) and Black Knights in the Dark Souls series.

rainslacker3069d ago

Drink dispensers from the collector bot things would be fun for the game room.:) You could life the tail, and it comes out of...well...you know.

Aloy-Boyfriend3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I would have a collection of each dinobot in my room.

Relientk773070d ago

Gotta catch em all! Really cool robotic dinosaurs from Horizon!

That's the theme song

Walker3070d ago

Q4 2016 release date, sounds good !

Aloy-Boyfriend3070d ago

Guerrilla games have always been very consistent with their game releases, so you can be at least 80% confident Horizon will come in 2016 like they have stated. Maybe this could be their first delay, but I hope not. O want to play this so bad