Fable Legends DX12 Benchmark

Find out the results of this Fable Legends DX12 benchmark.

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ccgr2669d ago

Good to know, wonder how my system will fare..

Alexious2669d ago

Just check out the benchmarks, we have tried many configurations.

Marked2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Where in lies the problem. Your many configurations translates to different systems. Three different CPUs but, no variation of the GPUs per CPU.


The article conclusion sounds like a sellout. Cherry picked results on varying systems. To seal the deal, "oh it was all a big mistake! Look at how well the 980ti runs (with an I7 cpu) vs the fury (with an I5) Remember your integrity when that Nvidia marketing money comes up short ;)

kaiserfranz2669d ago

I'm still in doubt about switching to AMD to get the most of it.

xTheMercenary_2669d ago

I'm not either. NVIDIA is working on a form of async compute software and will update its DX12 enabled graphics cards in the near future. It should result in better performance than what we see here but who knows, we'll have to wait.

Chris_Wray2669d ago

I'm not impressed with it being W10 only, but that's just the way of Microsoft. Good to see the functionality and it not impacting performance too much, just see how it runs and looks when the game actually comes out. It's still early days.

Imp0ssibl32669d ago

Well, they made DirectX 12 a Windows 10 exclusive and the game only runs on DX12.

KiwiViper852669d ago

And Windows 10 is a free upgrade... not sure what there is to complain about?

Lon3wolf2669d ago

The API is not past version of Windows compatible just like you couldn't have DX 10 on XP, nothing can be done about it.

Frisky2669d ago

I'm actually okay with DirectX 12 being Windows 10 exclusive. This is what Apple would have done if it were in place of Microsoft. Lol. But yeah. This will help the company in gathering everyone on one platform, and when the user base is all in one place, the company will seek to make that place only better.

user99502792669d ago

so after they finish benchmarking it a billion times can I like... play it, or somethin?

Alexious2669d ago

You'll be able to play it very soon.

Automatic792669d ago

Any announcements on when Fable legends will be release to all on Xbox One.

tinynuggins2669d ago

The beta that's out now is so much fun. The game is absolutely gorgeous. I knew it looked good from the screens but seeing it motion is pretty impressive.

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