Xbox One's Game Pass Is Good For Gamers, But Can We Forgive These Microsoft Mistakes?

Will gamers ever be able to forgive Microsoft for the Xbox One's poor launch, the cancellation of Scalebound, and more?

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Automatic791767d ago

Twinfinite cruising for clicks. Sad State of journalism, no wonder so many are going to You tube influencers rather than websites.

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rainslacker1766d ago

Give credit for the good, criticize the bad. No reason to dredge up the bad stuff when discussing the good.

It's always worth encouraging the good stuff that a company does, because then maybe they'll keep doing the good stuff.

Godmars2901766d ago

Games you've largely and likely played before?

DiRtY1766d ago

LoL, no I don't own more than 100 Xbox One games.

Godmars2901766d ago

So enjoy 360 games on the XBX, because games are only about graphic fidelity.

zackeroniii1766d ago

exactly...and can we forgive these microsoft and xbox one is an atrocity...a flaming heap of garbage

Godmars2901766d ago

More like a system that was built for ports rather than its own games.

B1uBurneR1766d ago

System one:
supposedly has no games or exclusives but some how manages to offer you 100 + games monthly for $10
System two:
has tons of games and tons of exclusive and you'll pay tons of money to play the equivalent amount of games on that system.

What a hard choice to make as a gamer. After the quiet yet powerful X combined with gamepass, Gold Live, EA access. MS you are forgiven for given me so many gaming options.

Kiwi661766d ago

"more like a system that was built for ports rather than its own games" so the games that aren't ports or found on the 360 don't count, because from what I've seen at stores etc the Xbox One doesn't just have Xbox 360 games

Professor_K1766d ago


And your heaping fanboy.

Enjoy playing NOTHING for Tue first quarter of Tue year lol

Godmars2901766d ago

What games are distinct to XB1/XBX?

Kiwi661766d ago

So you asked what games are distinct to Xbox /Xbox X, how about the one's that aren't/weren't on the Xbox 360 for a start that made their debut on the Xbox One

Godmars2901765d ago

You mean all of the games that are day-one playable on the PC as well?

You're not understanding what i'm getting at. While something like the Last of Us was a well received and decent enough PS3 title made better on the PS4, could be ported to the PC, as a day-one PC port it would have been seen as something limited on console. Likely wouldn't be all that on PC. Building for specific hardware specs gives a game advantages and defines the hardware. And by all counts the XBX will never have that definition. Will never be defined because nothing will ever be specifically built for it.

Kiwi661765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Then following what you said about the Xbox X then that also applies to the PS4 Pro as soon far it's in the same situation as far as games made specifically for them

Godmars2901765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yes, exactly. I consider the PS4 Pro to generally be a waste. A transitional system that does VR a bit better than the base PS4.

Still, its not carrying the lode stone of having to make up for the XB1 being built around a dead motion accessory. Of being essentially ignored or punished for keeping up with $1000+ PC rigs.

Though that's been the industry since PS3/360.

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TheCommentator1766d ago

I didn't read the article but here's how I see things:

-People forgave Sony for launching the expensive PS3 with no games for the first few years and cancellations of games like Getaway 2 and the FF7 remake that helped unveil the system.
-People forgave Nintendo for releasing the cartridge-based N64, the "Minidisc" Gamecube, and cancelling games like the Zelda tech demo everyone wanted.
-People can forgive MS as well... >IF< MS can show that it can get serious about games production.

That's not going to happen overnight. It took Sony a few years of hard work to gain lost ground last generation and become competitive with 360. It took Nintendo a decade before finally making consoles that play like no others for Nintendo to gain ground again. Some people will never forgive MS for years of neglect in producing games, just like some people won't forgive Sony or Nintendo for the crap they pull, but at least they have the HW ironed out now.

No company is perfect, but everyone has their own definitions of what they can forgive. As long as they can produce more varied titles in greater amounts, then many (but not all) people will be able to forgive MS too.

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

People also forgave Sony for allowing the biggest hack in gaming history to happen...and for then covering it up....for months....while people's credit card information was stolen.

dirkdady1766d ago

Wrong no evidence of cc info was stolen as the latest analysis showed only personally identifiable info which can be found in the yellowpages were accessed. and they didn't try to cover up anything the hacking occurred around the April 19th Sony shut psn down on the 20th to investigate and informed on may 5th - two weeks later of the hacking with findings from the analysis.

It's troubling there are ppl like you spreading misinformation out there when all it takes is a minute to look this up online.

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@dirkdaddy so you are rewriting history? Yes, they DID keep quiet about the details for MONTHS, and about the major hack (because it was several intrusions that happened) for at the very least approximately 1 month. Why do you think they had to apologize? I, along with many other people lost money due to their negligence, don't try to cover up for them. It's why I will never trust them with my info ever again. I don't know what is more pathetic, them doing what they did, or people like you attempting to rewrite history, for no reason other than corporate cheerleading.

neutralgamer19921766d ago


No CC date was ever compromised but yes that hack shouldn't have happen

LP-Eleven1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The one sounding like they're trying to re-write history is you.

OT: For me, it's not about "forgiving", rather, buying who I feel takes care of my needs. Nintendo and Sony (in the console space) do that. What Microsoft must do to keep me interested in Xbox? Release more exclsuive content for it. To the point - games. Otherwise, their mistakes are their mistakes. Humans being humans and I'm not going to behave as if I'm a Saint.

wobblypops461766d ago

Oh my! I forgot about that one! lol

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@LP-eleven yes, details WERE compromised, if you need links I could provide them, but I don't see why I should when the information about the incident is easily accessible with a simple Google search. I was a victim. They apologized for it, but that didn't stop the losses many ppl suffered. Look at how Sony handles people claiming refunds for hacks now, (according to the BBC investigation) if you claim a refund from your cc company, they shut your account down, with very little to no recompense.

rainslacker1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

They didn't cover it up for months. They announced the hack about 2 weeks after it happened, when they understood the extent of the hack. They were transparent about everything after the announcement about what was taken, and what their customers may have to be concerned about, and that it would take time to bring their system up to par to turn it back on.

Personal details were compromised, and Sony let people know what details they were. CC info was stolen, but it was encrypted in a way that couldn't be accessed by the hacker. Any other information taken was readily available through any number of sources publicly available, and not things that people usually try to keep private address or email addresses.

The hack certainly shouldn't have happened, but don't make up crap to try and make an argument. The actual series of events and repercussions and everything involved in the hack are readily available to see through a google search, so it's easy enough to see you're just making stuff up, or greatly misinformed about what happened. You admit that the details are out there....maybe actually read what those details were and stop twisting around things to try and look like you're knowledgeable about the hack. Maybe also look for reputable sources, instead of the fan boy driven crap that was being thrown out at the time.

Sony doesn't shut down your account if you do a charge back. If you claim your account was hacked, then they put it on hold until it's cleared up. Usually takes a few days to a week. You can get your account back if it's really been hacked, and it's permanently restricted if you just do a charge back due to buyers remorse....likely to prevent frivolous charge backs which are quite prevalent nowadays due to the CC companies holding all the power. Yet another detail that is actually explained on Sony's FAQ page about what to do in the case of a problem with your account.

TheSaint1765d ago

Wait, you're blaming the victim for the crime?

dirkdady1765d ago

Perm why you gotta lie? It's pathetic..

"The attack occurred between April 17 and April 19, 2011,[1] forcing Sony to turn off the PlayStation Network on April 20. On May 4 Sony confirmed..."

That's 2 weeks not months.

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Lmao at the sheer fanboyism on show here. Why do you all think Sony had to settle a class action lawsuit for losing among other things, cc information in the hack?

dirkdady1765d ago

Dude just give it up we can all see your grasping for straws.
First you say Sony covered the hack up for months - your proved wrong just two weeks

Second, you say CC info was stolen but sony's analysis, and third party independent finding showed no evidence CC info was accessed as where the personal info was accessed. The cc info was encrypted as well regardless. Visa even issued an update they haven't found any uptick in fraudulent activities associated with those accounts.
You give class action suits as reasoning but you don't realize those were mostly lodged 24 hours after the announcement. Your not putting 2 and 2 together.

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Godmars2901766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The issue is that MS always seems to try for overnight solutions to their mistakes only to return to old habits. Especially when it comes to beefing up their game library.

81BX1766d ago

Lol. I really admire your ability to hang in there. Keep it up little buddy!

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

So what's the difference between starting a new studio, and hiring the best in the business from other dev teams, and buying another, existing studio outright to make games for you? Either way you are investing in talent to make new games. Sony bought most of their studios when said studios were already successful.

Goldby1766d ago

the Final Fantasy 7 video wasn't the reveal of the remake, but a tech demo showing off the capabilities of the Cell.

rainslacker1766d ago

People overblew the cost of the system, although it was expensive. That's not something that really needs to be forgiven, just Sony misjudging the market. OTOH, the system kept selling out the first 6 months, and was hard to find for about a year after launch...mostly due to supply issues.

Sony didn't cancel that many games for the PS3 that I'm aware of.

FF7 was said to be a tech demo, and not an actual game, so nothing to forgive there.

As far as not having any games for the first few years, that was just not true. It wasn't heavy, but the system had the games. Xbox actually has fewer 1st/2nd party games now for last year and this one than Sony had for the PS3 the first couple of years. It could have been better for PS3, just like it could be better for the X1 Sony was forgiven because they ended up delivering on the games, and when MS does that, then they can be forgiven for that transgression as well.

Nintendo didn't really do anything that needs forgiving either. Their media format was a choice that hurt them due to the changes in the market, but the media provided the games for the system, hence served their purpose well enough.

The Zelda tech demo is the same as the FF7 demo.. No cancellation, as it was more of a way to show off the system.

MS did some things which were actually anti-consumer in practice. They can be forgiven for them, and overall, it's probably time to move on and not hold it against them anymore. But at the same time, it's worth considering if you want to look at the overall direction that MS may want to go, because some of the stuff they're doing now seems to show that they are just trying to achieve the same thing in a different least with the always online console. I wouldn't forgive them for trying to control physical media the way they did, but I wouldn't hold it against them unless they actually try to do it again.

You are right though, making changes doesn't happen overnight. However, MS tends to go through ebbs and flows of their biggest thing, which is games support. The end of the 360 life saw a decline in their hardcore 1st/2nd party output as they held back games for the X1, and focused on casual. Now, they seem to have dropped the ball on having games to provide a steady stream of games for the X1. That's twice that it shows a thing they keep doing, and it's hard to "forgive" them when they show that they keep making the same mistakes.

TheCommentator1765d ago

Sony did a lot of other bad things like asking for control over any IP Nintendo produced on their collaborative "Play Station", lied about selling PS2 prototypes at launch, and removing BC after they mocked 360 for not including it at launch. But I'm sure those things are Pro-consumer, right? There's way more I can get into here about Sony, but there's no point.

Nintendo did a lot of other bad things by trying to control their formats through both N64 and Gamecube (two generations, BTW), suing Blockbuster for photocopying instruction manuals in the mid 90's, and suing companies like Turbographix for "false advertising" simply because the company was gaining on Nintendo. There's way more I can get into here too, but none of this was the point either.

I'm not going to argue with you about this anymore because, as usual, people want to turn everything into an ignorant pissing match when all that matters in my OP is that each company is guilty of making big mistakes and they can all turn it around if they make the right moves. For MS, that means more studios and IP.

It doesn't matter if it comes from a cow, goat or chicken, it's still $#!+. Every company is full of it in their own ways and they all still are, and all MS really needs to do now is invest in studios and 1st party games variety and they can get back in good graces with a lot of folks who just don't see the value in a company with so few exclusives.

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Razzer1766d ago

Most gamers have short memories. The question really should be is MS doing enough right now? Not yet. They are moved nine n the right direction though. Just need more first party games.

madforaday1766d ago

I have gotten every Xbox besides the Xbox one because 3 times shame on me. I just want to play unique games, and back in the day, MS had some cool games, Halo, Fable, Gears (lol). Next generation, Gears Halo, Forza, Fable. Next generation, new developer working on Gears, new developer working on Halo, a failed Fable, and Forza that is still going strong. I told myself Pat, just stop buying the Xbox and see if they come out with new IPs. Here I am looking at what Xbox is bringing to the table. There are a few games like Sea of Thieves but that isn't a system seller to me at all. It is a simple concept, Xbox 360 was huge because of their exclusives deals Mass Effect, BioShock, Splinter Cell, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, and etc. People want to play games, MS stopped towards the middle of their cycle while PS pumped out TONS of games during this time and towards the end of it's life. It is such a simple concept.

chiefJohn1171766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Let me be the first to inform missed out on quite a few great games if Halo gears and forza were the only titles you played.

(It's funny how those 3 are the most popular and sell best mean that's all they have to ppl)

wobblypops461766d ago

For all the ripping that MS and Xbox gets for lack of exclusives I really don't see anything more compelling over on PS to get excited about. I've also owned every PS system up until this gen. Jeez, both the PS3 and the PS4 had nothing except for multiplats, remakes and indies for almost 2 years after launch but Sony gets away with everything.

PowerOfTheCloud1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


"Jeez, both the PS3 and the PS4 had nothing except for multiplats, remakes and indies for almost 2 years after launch but Sony gets away with everything."

Well that is a damned if they do,damned if they don't situation. Unlike MS , sony supports their console until the very end with exclusives. That resulted in a slow start of ps4 exclusives. they could have done the same like ms did and stop development of proper ps3 exclusives in favor for ps4. But then they would have caught flak by the many ps3 owners who didn't want to buy the new system yet.

But the important thing is once the floodgates are open playstation users get new exclusives on the regular. On the other side ms had it's very good launch lineup but when that strawfire burnt out fast, xbox 1 was an exclusives wasteland with only a few rare green spots in the form of AAA releases with huge distances between. And with the awful direction 3rd party games are going with their full price free2play mechanics, game as a service games, the situation is and will become even more severe because they aren't good enough anymore to make up for the lack of exclusives.

madforaday1765d ago


That is great but I am talking about myself, I know all of their titles since I have had their systems (besides the Xbox one). I know they had some good JRPGs on the 360 but I am not big on them in general.

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wobblypops461766d ago

Funny, seems to me that MS are doing a lot more than Sony especially when it comes consumer friendly stuff like Game Pass.

Razzer1766d ago

MS is trying to be competitive. That is good, but they still trail Sony in terms of first party games and overall library.

wobblypops461766d ago


Yeah they trail in first party but who aside from fanboys really cares? Most people buy multiplats and numbers prove it.

rainslacker1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Sony has PSNow which is essentially the same thing. You have to stream the games, but it's actually cheaper if you subscribe for a year, and you get a larger selection of games.

I find Game Pass' implementation better, because of the things that work against streaming, but PSNow actually does work fine if you have a decent internet connection.

Overall, I don't really see anything that MS is doing that Sony isn't. Maybe BC, which is about the only one up that I really see that MS has over Sony right now, and I feel that's limited in demand.

To me, Sony's software support is their biggest advantage over MS. Who cares if multiplats sell more, Sony has released quite a few GOTY contenders this gen. Quite a few high profile AAA games, as well as lots of great games with smaller scopes.

If you really think numbers are all that matters, then obviously Sony is doing a lot more to satisfy the customer, as they are easily selling more than MS is.

Chevalier1765d ago

" Yeah they trail in first party but who aside from fanboys really cares? Most people buy multiplats and numbers prove it."

Uhhh.... The 74 million people that own PS4s?! As for fanboys caring for multiplats you mean the Xbox One X and S which is mostly multiplats?! The system that is failing hard. The Switch is full of ports and also has compelling exclusives and is going to fly past the Xbox as well.

Razzer1765d ago

Aside from fanboys? lol...oh please. Gamers care. Are you going to tell me that you don't care about Forza, Halo, Gears, etc.? Do you buy consoles based on what "most people buy"? So next time MS announces a major first party exclusive, am I going to see you reply with " one cares about exclusives. numbers prove it". lol....nope.

wobblypops461765d ago


I buy games based on what I like to play and that happens to be what the majority also plays that's how it works like it or not. Oh, and numbers do prove it look at sales only 2-3% of PS4 owners actually buy exclusives that's a fact whether you accept it or not. Believing that exclusives sell consoles is just as stupid as believing that backward compatibility sells consoles.

Razzer1765d ago

Games sell consoles. No idea where you got that 2% number but it isn't based on known facts unless you have data from legit sources that show total number of game sales across the board.

wobblypops461765d ago


Look at the total sales of any exclusive and then compare with the supposed 70 million PS4 owners. That's where I get my numbers from. Yeah games sell consoles just not exclusives.

Razzer1765d ago

Oh so you are just repeating that bullshit that has been rehashed time and time again? Yeah....that bullshit I read all the time that suggests a game selling over a million copies isn't very much. Such stupid nonsense. It is just a bullshit Xbox fanboy line. Just a faulty premise from the start as you are not comparing sales of a game against total game sales (which we don't know) but using some bullshit logic that suggests every single console sold is owned by someone actively buying games.

wobblypops461765d ago


Facts are facts you don't have to like them. lol

Razzer1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Love facts. You just don't have any that come to a valid conclusion

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King_Lothric1766d ago

If you cannot have good sales from your first party games, then thrown them on a monthly subscription program in order to at least try to get some some money from the subscription.

Microsoft cannot compete on Playstation and Nintendo first party level sales, so they need to try something else. In this case is called Xbox game pass.

The Wood1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

No bro. They done it of the goodness of their hearts. . . . .

. . . . Before clits get tingled. . None of them do it out of the goodness of their hearts but it seems some people think ms weren't backed into a corner to the point they've been forced to use more gamer friendly angles. Remember what they tried. . Some here still defended it but they fixed up. They listened but their biggest issue all the way from last gen was their inability to nurture from within, make better deals, be more consistent with quantity, quality and variety of exclusives and to stop relying on multiplats. . . These issues are still prevalent yet gamer friendly acts are somehow papering over the cracks for a large fraternity of Xbox fans. 'Gamer friendly' to me means more new experiences. . To others it's bc. . To some it's vr. . Pick your poison but if you think what Sony are doing to ms is some kind of fluke or that they are gamer unfriendly then you really are ignorant.

wobblypops461766d ago

Sony had nothing for big exclusives on both the PS3 and PS4 for almost 2 years and yet both systems have done well with the PS4 obviously doing the best. The exclusive argument is just useless rhetoric used by fanboys and numbers prove it.