How EA could make Skate 4 a triumph

After Tony Hawk’s Pro glitch fest, gamers want Skate 4 more than ever: here’s what EA needs to include.

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TLG19911205d ago

after THP5 has given people the hype for a skateboarding game all they really need to do is just release someone that you wont glitch and throw you miles when you try to do a simple ollie.

3-4-51204d ago

Skate 4 is needed.

The Tech is here to take Skate to another level and make it even more realistic, not sure why they don't do it.

Give us multiple cities EA.

iSuperSaiyanGod1204d ago

Multiple city's would be awesome or a tour type mode after you get signed

Black0ut1204d ago

Skate 4 is definitely needed. As TLG1991 pointed out, THPS5 has indeed given the skating genre a boost in interest and there is definitely more than a healthy market of fans out there.

I just bought Skate 2& Skate 3 on 360 while on sale and they're still bloody incredible games.

Time will tell but imo things are looking promising.

Let THPS be a prime example of what NOT to do in a skate game let alone any game. It's almost a good thing that it came out in order to bring up discussions for a decent skating game to be made!

lipton1011204d ago

I feel they're so pubescent at best. When I was a kid I liked them, I guess I was a part of the original tony hawk generation. But now in my late 20's with a wife and kid, I roll my eyes at these skateboarding games. I can never see myself playing one again. But snowboarding games, on the other hand, like SSX, I can still jam that all day long. I wish they'd bring those back.

iceman061204d ago

The thing about what you are saying is that, while YOU grew past them, doesn't mean that everybody who was part of that Tony Hawk generation has. That being said, I can't see it being on the same level as then sales-wise (as skating isn't as high profile as it once was in pop culture). It's trying to make a comeback. But, it's nowhere near where it once was.

There is STILL a market, as the new THPS has shown, for skating games. The question is whether that market is enough for a company to invest money in trying to reach it again? They did it with SSX to huge success. I'd say it's worth a gamble.

user99502791204d ago

make it. and make it more like the original SKATE. They really nailed the weightyness of riding in that game. Would love a new gen skate with all the balls and whistles.

DanielEndurance1204d ago

I believe it's "bells and whistles," but if you want balls that's cool bro.

Scatpants1204d ago

I would like the next Skate game to have huge balls.

boing11204d ago

I would love new Skate game. Still going back to Skate 2 from time to time.

DragoonsScaleLegends1204d ago

I only played Skate 3 and it was so much worse than Underground. There is no story mode and I couldn't play online because it required a online code that was supposed to come with it but for some reason didn't come with my brand new copy. It felt very bare-bones in my opinion with no real purpose other than random challenges that I could care less about. I don't know what Skate 1 and 2 are like but in my opionion Skate 3 is the worse Skateboarding game I've ever played and I've played THPS1-THAW.

boing11204d ago

Skate 3 was crap. Second one was the best IMO.

JoeReno1204d ago

Skate 1 & 2 were both fun. Never bothered with skate 3. I just had a feeling it was going to be crap

PS3Freak1204d ago

Skate 3 was not crap. It was still good, just not as good as the 2nd. Still the best skateboarding series ever.

lipton1011204d ago

Yeah, this game would be awesome in like 2004. I just don't see the average gamer over the age of 23 going for a game like this. Just seems so pubescent to me.

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