Strategy Informer: WALL?E Review

Strategy Informer writes: "You have to feel for Heavy Iron Studios, because while their bank balance is bulging, their 'gaming-soul' has been crushed. As is customary with any AAA film, a botch-job video game accompanies its release. Disney Pixar's latest animated epic, WALL-E is going down a treat in the cinema and rightfully so. It's a tremendous film that rivals Toy Story in quality and humour. While we hold the film with utmost respect, the video game counterpart is hardly high on our wish list. With childlike naivety, we approached this latest movie-tie-in with cautious optimism. Surely it will try and be unique? It can't be another milking of the preverbal cash cow? Religion asks us to have faith, so why not gaming?

The easiest place to begin is Wall-E's target demographic. As with every other movie game, the intended player is either seven years old or fifty six. This is a game to ply onto your son in an effort to pass on your gaming heritage. It won't offend, confuse or cause controversy. Anyone with a serious interest in gaming will simply mock those throwing cash down a metaphorical drain. Published under THQ's 'Play' label, Wall-E makes no attempt to change anything. It's not waving its hands about to gain attention. The Gears of War fans will continue fragging over Xbox Live and the World of Warcraft veterans won't even be aware of what Wall-E is. This is a game for the fans; it's a must that you've seen the film or it'll spoil your future viewing. Scoff if you must, but Wall-E doesn't have any delusions of self-grandeur."

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