HTC Vive Provides Best VR Experience Yet | PUG

Chris Mawson writes: "Virtual reality is without doubt the biggest talking point coming out of EGX 2015 this past weekend, and you only had to see the two-hour queues to book stand-by appointments for both PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive to see that the general public is buying into the hype.

As somewhat of a VR cynic going into the event, I was keen to experience what all the fuss was about for myself. After previewing Battlezone for PlayStation VR on Friday, I was an instant convert, and couldn’t wait to shove my hard-earned pounds in the developers’ faces. And while that demonstration was eye-opening, my experience the next day with SteamVR and the HTC Vive was honestly mind-blowing – and that’s not a term I use lightly."

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