APB is "bastard child of everything we've been striving towards for 15-20 years": Realtime Worlds

Hugely anticipated crime MMO APB is the culmination of 20 years work on GTA, Crackdown and sandbox gaming in general, Realtime Worlds studio boss Colin Macdonald has told VG247.

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games4fun3727d ago

i didnt realize they created GTA, sounds like a good name drop when all you can credit yourself for is APB half the people who bought it wanted in on the Halo beta.

Will there be a beta for Halo MMO in this game?

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3727d ago

Reasons to love this game:

1. Development is lead by the ORIGINAL genius behind FIRST Grand Theft Auto. This man started it all.
2. Its an MMO thats NOT WoW.
3. Constant battle between Cops and Gangs, makes for some interesting gameplay opportunity's.
4. Huge character customization options. Recreate celebrities if you must. I will.
5. PC version will have custom soundtracks via Last.FM. Very good idea there.
6. PC version is the main priority. Which excites me the most. No haphazard rehash of an Xbox 360 game.
7. Now that Rockstar officially screwed up with it's next generation Grand Theft Auto, it's time to finally play a better criminal sandbox game.

Reasons to hate this game:

1. Xbox 360 version is planned to release after the PC version.
2. This game is not scheduled to release on the PS3.
3. You think this is just an attempt at a GTA clone thats also an MMO.

Bangladesh3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I look forward to APB, if it ever gets here. The old 2005 trailer hints at some of the games mechanics.

I'll be getting the 360 version.

timmyrulz3727d ago

1. Its partially funded and exclusive to MS games for Windows and xbox 360
2. Its not on PS3

EvilJoey3727d ago

The game FOr Windows... is not a Plus at all.. Well hellgate was a game for windows we See how well that went.

Uhhhh.... Isnt CoA a MMO thats Not wow... and is Pc- /x-box exclusive? and its Failing!

Cops and Robbers MMO is some what of a Silly idea IMO...

And what Kinda Credit is the First Gta? GTA want Good until it Hit DreamCast.... It didnt Blow up or Change Gaming until Gta 3
THe best GTA again IMO was 2 games After Gta 3...

So Gta1 isnt a big credit...
THis is just Silly Hype Crap games... and Even if its on 360... Wont u still have to pay a fee to Play? So ur paying a Fee for Online service and another fee for this game.. I dont think so...

Id rather Play Fable 2 For Free
Or WoW if i have to pay for something.

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