Uncharted 2 PS4 Gameplay Videos Highlight Train & Helicopter Sequences

With just two weeks to go until Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection comes to PlayStation 4 on October 9, Polygon uploaded a new gameplay video for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at 1080p/60fps, showing off the train scene (the commentary ends after a few seconds).

Additionally, Polygon posted the building collapse/helicopter sequence from Uncharted 2

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GreetingsfromCanada2564d ago

Man, between this and Gears, old games don't really hold up.

TKCMuzzer2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Really? are there many sequences that hold up to the train level in U2 on a technical level v hardware? Watching it now, it's still a very impressive sequence and I can't remember playing a game this generation that has had the same 'wow' factor as U2 did when I first played it. There may be one game in the future and it will probably come from the same devs.
The fact you want to even compare it six years on to current gen titles is a testament to the game itself

FoxyGotGame2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )


Gears & UC Collection look great IMO. I understand you may feel older titles do not hold up, and may even care less for them...nothing wrong with that. But judging by the comments made on N4G and many other sites, there are indeed a ton of gamer's anticipating Xbox One BC, and many PS4 gamer's wouldn't mind PS2 BC.

Wii U has the luxury of playing older games out of the box, and PC gamer's hardly complain about playing (much, much) older titles either. So I guess that places you in the minority ...and there's nothing wrong with that either /

Kurisu2563d ago

I wish I'd never played these games so I could feel the hype!

DialgaMarine2563d ago

I've played and platinumed every single Uncharted title, and I'm still extremely hyped for this.

Perjoss2563d ago

Still looks great! Even though U2 was by far my goty for 2009 I only played through it once so I can't wait to play this again on PS4.

BlackPhillip6662563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I hope they release the Multiplayer for at least the first two as free dlc I'm one off those that enjoyed it and feel a bit annoyed its not part off this remaster.

DarkOcelet2563d ago

Well, they are giving you Uncharted 4 MP beta so that is good enough.

nick3092563d ago

Not really its for only a short while, then we have to wait a few months until uncharted 4.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2563d ago

i'd rather have all the player base on one game so it doesn't go out quicker

DialgaMarine2563d ago

Maybe just the Uncharted 2 MP. If not, there is the UC4 Beta, and UC4 is coming out not too long after this. It'll be better if people looking forward to UC MP just wait until UC4 comes out so that there will be more people playing the MP there.

DialgaMarine2563d ago

It's crazy how well this game still holds up, even to current gen titles. It's jus beautiful to play and to watch.

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