[Gaming Evolution] Until Dawn Review

While gamers are all looking forward to the Fall and Holiday season where we see releases like Fallout 4, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and the likes of Halo 5; gamers can’t overlook a crop of exceptional titles that recently hit the market. One of these titles is Until Dawn, which is the latest IP from Sony Computer Entertainment and developer Supermassive Games to venture down the “cinematic experience” path. With more and more games taking a more realistic approach in terms of visuals and storytelling, Until Dawn comes across as one of those rare occurrences where aspects from a game like Heavy Rain blend perfectly with horror tropes from classic Hollywood films to create a truly engaging experience.

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mprunty1216d ago

The "we" in the post was in reference to gamers as a community. Post has been updated.

SynestheticRoar1216d ago

Still one of the best games this season. Everyone should experience this gem.

SolidGear31216d ago

Already got the platinum trophy. My first since 2011.

mprunty1216d ago

Not nearly as long for me, but it certainly has been awhile.

Spotie1216d ago

I can only play every now and then, and only during the day. Damn game scares me to death.

psplova1215d ago

How many times did you play thru the game to earn Platinum? I'm on my second playthru now (and my son played thru once as well) and I have lots of hidden trophies left to unlock... : /

mprunty1211d ago

It took two playthroughs and a little on the side in order to obtain the platinum.