Playstation trains 'kids' for the army

These kids come out of school and when they join the army, they are experts with Playstation controls. Our controls inside vehicles play into that, because they are already half-trained in how to use them."

So says Douglas Caster, the chief executive of Ultra Electronics in The Daily Telegraph. Ultra has seen its profits rise by 16% in the first half of this year based on selling fab stuff like weapons deployment systems.

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nineself3820d ago

Oh, so its Playstation controls now is it? Rather odd considering it wasn't that long ago they were saying it was Xbox controls. That, and pretty much every advert for the army had a 360 pad in it.

Could the console war be taking on a whole new militaristic dimension? Or is Mr Caster a little confused?

Shaka2K63820d ago

And 3$hitty so kiddie for xkiddies LMAO.

thePatriot3820d ago

I have a natural gift in finding the best camping spot, where I kill 2 or 3 people before I die and repeat the process again.