Why Destiny Has Me Hooked

Kelly from GamersFTW says:

I’m a great fan of anything sci-fi related, especially when it comes to video games. In fact I think I’ve played more games featuring space, aliens and extra-terrestrial technology than any other game genre out there. So when Destiny concepts were publicly leaked in the latter part of 2012, as can be guessed I was “over the moon”...

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c00lvilKid691121d ago

Dancing emote - 10/10 would buy again.

Shillmeister1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I respect that people can like and love Destiny, but personally for myself it just doesn't float my boat. It was great fun playing the Public beta, and a solidly built game (from the small amount of the beta I got to try), but hearing story after story and gamers comments of expensive DLC, poor story, and poorly implemented MMO mechanics - grinding for upgrades and such - etc, it just seems like a step-down from Bungie's previous work.

EDIT: Forgot about the repetitive gameplay issues too!

Skellytorx1121d ago

I think for some it's getting better with gradual updates being released. But like I said, I didn't pick the game up instantly due exactly to what you've mentioned. I guess I was lucky to have started playing when I did. Still despite it's faults I've got to know some awesome people through Destiny!

_LarZen_1121d ago

It's like a new game now. Everything people complained about is now fixed. It's still a grind tho. But what game in it's core is not?

SirBradders1120d ago

It's less of a grind there's so many ways of getting top tier gear. Drop rate increased massively, exotics and legendaries from quests no rng and more daily activities with rewards with more weekly stuff still to come.

Halo2ODST21120d ago

Larzen - It's a major improvement & I'm happy with my purchase *of the Taken King, but I'l be frank - Hi my name is frank, but anyway no it's not but back to the topic at hand , some of Destiny's fundamental problems have yet to be attended to - such as - the Story - lets limit this to the Taken King (Destiny's base story is still the same thus the same problems) so problems with TTK story? the story is okay but Bungie has done way better with their Halo games, by far , then again Joesph Staten is no longer with them & he's a great Writer, hopefully 343 uses him for Halo 5 because so far with all this Traitor nonsense it isn't looking good again, just like Halo 4 with tonnnnnnes of cliche nonsense so hopefully they get an actually decent writer on board but back to TTK - the missions are still somewhat small and a bit too many, if they were to create more interesting, more involving missions than tones of tiny meh missions it would do them better, for example - compare any mission in the TTk to let's say Delta Halo, we all know the more enjoyable mission, or lets say the Shrine of Oryx to the Warthog run from the End of Halo CE, we all know e is the fun one, Destiny missions really just lack the fun that their Halo missions have. Next Crucible - it is the most Unbalanced thing i have ever seen, My god , Please bungie make a game mode Without Supers, I'm so sick of some Nooby****** titan running up to me and slamming the floor = my death even though I just miles in the sky before he slammed the floor , or I actually use my super for once (I'm not a fan of using cheats) and shoot a Titan with my Golden Gun, but magically (this has actually happened twice btw) and the Titan surrvives somehow, & then throws 1 mother***** Golden Hammer at me, Then I die??? it's absolute Nonsense , let alone, It would just be better if they removed supers, Also a People should not start of with Shotguns and Snipers , it just be Primary weapons such as Pistol, auto rifle, DMR, and all that but not one hit kill weapons, if they want a Shot/Sniper they should have to pick it up in a specific area that is a centre of map control. Grenades shouldn't be rechargeable. Well that was my "2 cents" about Destiny's continuing fundamental problems.

maybelovehate1121d ago

Instead of listening to internet trolls maybe look at its dominance on the most played list of games the past year plus. Actions speak louder than words!

Maple221121d ago

Great piece here, it has convinced me to look past the negative comments and maybe give it a go.

Skellytorx1121d ago

There's no harm in trying :)

wutang4ever1121d ago

the harm is supporting a game like destiny that uses shady money hungry tactics. By supporting destiny you're telling dev, hey it's ok to screw over the gamers.

UnwanteDreamz1121d ago

If you've never played then yes it will be worth it. Currently the game is the best it has ever been by most accounts. For me to buy TTK it meant I would have spent 130$ on this game from release until now.

The first 2dlcs were cash grabs. This one looks worth it but I can't support the model any longer.

maybelovehate1121d ago

I have over 2000 hours in Destiny so I can't complain about value. Much rather this model than a monthly fee.

scarecrow20141121d ago

You've killed more Nazis in games than being to space surely? Great article though

Skellytorx1121d ago

I'd say I've definitely spent more time in space than shooting Nazis! Although I guess it still has the war aspect, with alien invasions happening and Earth always ending up in ruins.

GamerGabs1121d ago

The online community of a game can make such a difference. With so many rude gamers out there it can be rather hit and miss as to what will happen when striking up a conversation. Glad to know that this title has improved via the community rather than flopped, hopefully it will continue to be a place of fun and enjoyment.

Yukes1121d ago

I've almost exclusively just heard negativity about Destiny, but it sounds like there's a decent sense of camaraderie to be had.

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