How the NX can be a Success

Nintendo have lost a lot of ground as of late, but the upcoming NX can turn things around - if lessons from past mistakes have been learned

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Ck1x1210d ago

Just by naming it the Nintendo Success! Another NX article a new day...

Retroman1210d ago

Only way NX be successful if Nintendo go beyond Mario,Zelda,Kirby,Yoshi,pokemo n,Donky Kong.

remake : 2D Castlevania,Metroid,Contra,Gra dius,R-type ,Final Fight,Gunstar hero,Battletoads etc.....along with open world gaming if need be.

Ck1x1210d ago

Most of the games you listed aren't Nintendo properties at all!

Retroman1210d ago

even so while Konami still around Nintendo able to buy contra,gradius ip's and buy R-type ip from Irem right? right??

jamstorr861210d ago

There is plenty in nintendos locker to have a host of fantastic lineup

Mega_Volnutt1210d ago

The "NX" can be a success by not releasing.

Ck1x1210d ago

That would make it a failure in every sense of the word when a company has put R&D behind it and has games in development but never releases it. That's like if Sony after all this time and money chose not to release Playstation VR, it would be considered a failed release product...

jamstorr861209d ago

Are u a gamer or a fanboy? Genuine gamers need a successful Nintendo console, it encourages healthy competition and caters gaming genres that are in short supply on xbox and playstation. When u grow up you will realise this 😉

Mega_Volnutt1209d ago

When you learn some grammar, then you'll realize it too.

iplay1up21209d ago

That is a big troll comment. Guess you do not enjoy great gaming. I can't wait myself. I think NX will see the games we should have seen on Wii U. Eternal Darkness, Metroid, a true 3d Mario, Diddy Kong Racing.