Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed, NBA Live 16 Coming to EA Access

SegmentNext - Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed and NBA Live 16 coming to EA Access, according to developer EA.

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mkis0071744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Pretty sure EA games come to EA Access... Or is that wrong haha.

badz1491744d ago

I think they should just tell Xbone owners to completely stop buying their games new from now on considering they will be in the vault sooner or later. If I'm a subsriber, THAT is exactly what I am gonna do. EA games or any game for that matter, can wait. No rush to buy them as soon as they come out. So, buy everything else you want and wait for EA's game to come in the vault. I know you get 10% off new games right away but I rather wait and pay no more than my subscription fee to play their games.

I wonder if EA will rethink its Access strategy if more Xbone owners start doing that.

Blaze9291744d ago

nope. Long term they still make more money having people subscribe to EA Access and not buy a physical copy of their game. The moment you stop paying them, you loose the games.

Tbh, if they were to start doing this completely I don't see how they would loose money. Cut out used sales and no one truly owns a copy of the game until they buy it.

Rookie_Monster1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

So glad I have EA access. Great value and can't beat playing 5 days early for all new games.

ScorpiusX1744d ago

Sweet can't wait to play them all , loving my EA access sub.

ThunderPulse1744d ago

I wish EA Access was on PS4.

lastking951744d ago

It's the ultimate try before you buy.

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