NBA 2K16 Introduces 'Play Now Online' Mode with Trailer

2K Sports has released a brand new NBA 2K16 trailer, introducing the “Play Now Online” mode. This year's head-to-head online games matter once again. Wins and losses count toward reaching goals and new league seeds.

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Rookie_Monster1174d ago

The online for this series is a joke. If they don't actually improve it this season, it is pretty much the last game of the 2k series for me.

-Ikon-1173d ago

I'm skipping out until something different is done for my player online.. trying to get matches in 2015 caused more headaches than it was worth.. was a shame the gameplay is great

1174d ago
Mike041173d ago

Online on NBA2K15 was meh, i just hope they will improve it this time