From the Desk of the Editor: Looking back at Valve’s Steam Machine initiative

Keith writes: Several years ago, the company known to many as Valve, came up with an idea to take the conventional gaming PC and to move it into the living room or where ever your main TV was located. Their thought was to move the gaming PC’s out of the offices and basements and to get them in the same prime time as your gaming consoles, namely those such as the PlayStation and Xbox. However they also wanted to move away from Microsoft’s expansive hold over the PC as a platform and decided to bake their own custom OS, one that would take the open-source Linux kernel and combine it with their Steam Big Picture mode, something that was in beta testing for the PC back then and something that is used everyday on gaming PC’s across the world. Yeah, the big boss of Valve, Gabe Newell (Lord Gaben), isn’t a huge fan of Microsoft, despite working thirteen years with the company where he worked as a producer on Windows 1 , 2.0 and 2.1, as well as working on other Microsoft products. In fact, working at Microsoft was one of the reasons why Valve even exists, go figure.

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