Xbox One's Bundled with Xbox 360-Like Headset

After hearing a couple of reports with Xbox One consoles bundled with Xbox 360 headsets Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters inquired further into the matter with the local Xbox rep.

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SSmoke1119d ago

how about a wireless headset? the 360 had one..

UnHoly_One1119d ago

I miss my wireless headset so much. :(

Black0ut1119d ago

Me too! We will see something soon I'm guessing (hoping...).

UnHoly_One1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I wish I was as optimistic as you are.

I'm thinking if it hasn't happened yet it might not happen at all.

Maybe those things never sold that well, I don't know.

I just HATE having that wire connected to my controller. I always move around and catch it on something and yank the thing off my head.

sinspirit1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I miss those few games that came with a bluetooth headset. Nothing crazy good but it's nice to have.

These big games coming out that have collectors editions should probably come up with a headset included.

Kribwalker1118d ago

The Xbox 360 headsets have a smaller 2.5mm jack instead of a 3.5mm jack so they have to be different to fit into the 3.5mm jack. I kno cause i bought a couple cheap 360 headsets to use cause the kids always break them, and u need a jack adapter

Chanogram1119d ago

Why is this news? Its just a 3.5mm (standard) headset. Even if it is the same as 360, what has changed with mics? Nothing. The actual quality of voice is dictated more by the chat codecs than anything, and these mics do not magically force the x1 to use an old codec.

The new controllers are offering a standard 3.5mm plug now (due to popular request).

crazychris41241119d ago

I put it to the side as a backup in case my turtle beach stops working.

81BX1119d ago

Lol, turtle beach? People still use those?

KiwiViper851119d ago

I wish I was in a position to spend $500 on a headset, but I'm not. So ye, Turtle beach XOFour suits me just fine.

Chanogram1119d ago

Elitist A-Holes? Those people still exist? Yup, confirmed.

81BX1119d ago

I was jk. Yeah i actually use turtle beaches as well. I have the xo fours. Ive had the after glows, for the $ i think turtle beach are the best. Lol i wouldn't spend $200 on a headset either... well unless i was filthy rich.

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RobLoPR1119d ago

I recently got the XO Fours and hacent used them yet... I got the white Kamas.... cheap but theyre pretty good. I hope the XO Fours are good too

LAWSON721119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

My mic just broke now I have to use my Polk 4shots, I really do not enjoy bulky headsets I wish they would come out with a Bluetooth styled mic. These damn cheap wired ones doing nothing but break.

MeliMel1119d ago

The best headset mic I ever had was my Metal Gear Solid 4 bluetooth on PS3. I wish they would come with those again. The Xbox 360 one was nice too.

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