Top Six Games With Extremely Dubious Morality

Titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls give you the option of going full evil and becoming homicidal maniacs or slave traders, but that's pretty straight forward evil labeled as such well ahead of time. Likewise for the various Mafia / Grand Theft Auto / Saint's Row games, where you are a criminal from the get go and never pretend to be otherwise.

These games below go a different direction – they aren't obviously evil at first glance, but rather are presented as morally justified when they're actually morally bankrupt. Not that that fact will stop us from playing them of course!

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Trekster_Gamer1172d ago

DA article and that's it's strong point.

Otaku261172d ago

Thank you for reading this article. ^_^

goldwyncq1172d ago

The Last of Us would have been a better choice than Uncharted in this regard. So sick of Drake being demonized for killing hordes of enemies out to kill him. It's called self-defense people.

OB1Biker1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Seriously.. I read some ravings from guys calling Drake the butcher and how they believe the game is awful. I can think of so many games they could go on about even Minecraft.
They are just games, would be boring if the morality was too much of an issue, and like you said its basically shooting the bad guys.
The Last of Us is an interesting point because the game actually questions what morality is in an amoral society ie. being human with an individual against a decadent 'civilization'. IMHO

saimcheeda1172d ago

Especially when Lazarevic pointed it out!

ironcrow23861172d ago

sadly not played uncharted (yet) so no idea about that one but the others seem all normal to me alas my sense of morality left years ago :)

Otaku261172d ago

You should play Uncharted, it is a good game. And, your comment is funny =).

uth111172d ago

Watch Dogs? It was laughable how Aiden kept claiming the moral high ground

ironcrow23861172d ago

its ok that game cant hurt u no more :)