Interview: Warframe Xbox One Producer Lesley Milner

Warframe arrived to Xbox One in September 2014. In celebration of the game’s one year anniversary on Xbox One, Xbox Enthusiast reached out to Digital Extremes to discuss what it’s been like to launch and support Warframe on the Xbox One, particularly in the wake of Warframe’s time spent on PC and PS4.

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IamTylerDurden11120d ago

I remember hearing that Warframe launched at 30fps on xbone, has it since been patched to 60 or will it be in the future?

Congrats to Digital Extremes on the well deserved success, awesome game.

wutang4ever1120d ago

yea amazing game, makes destiny look like small fries.

IamTylerDurden11120d ago

Amazing FREE game, it's not a pay to win either.

I was so pleasantly surprised when i got my launch day PS4 and one of the most impressive games was the free one.