Halo Can Last as Long as Star Wars and Spider-Man, Says Xbox Boss

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, has addressed the idea of annualising Halo, indicating that yearly entries in the hugely-popular first-person shooter franchise are unlikely.

Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Spencer said that, unlike many other shooters, Halo fans have an attachment to the story and key characters, and suggested this is something that precludes rushing out games.

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raggy-rocket1123d ago

I think so. A universe that big can have a hundred games and still interest me. SO much to play with, be great to see a forerunner trilogy if they ever close down Master Chief, that era, despite all the books, is still shrouded in mystery.

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SpaceRanger1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

It's shrouded in mystery because the whole game is focused on shooting everything rather than completely focusing on telling a story.

No way it can stack up to Star Wars. That's just too big of a franchise for him to even comprehend. The reason Star Wars has held on for so long is because the lore is immense and is told exceptionally well. Going around a game shooting everything they throw at you while telling any story will never compare to just focusing on telling the story. As a franchise, I can see that Battlefront is going to steal thunder from other shooters this holiday. Especially COD.

And I'm not sure why he even brought up Spider-Man? That's a strange comparison. I get the franchise length, but not the actual subject lol he should've used another sci-example on that one.

raggy-rocket1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Actually the lore in the star wars films is delivered poorly, everything is just there with no real explanation of how and why. It's the story people enjoy, the proper lore is delivered in other media, as is the same with halo

People must understand he's not saying Halo is as big in entertainment as Star wars or Spider-Man. He's saying that the universe is so big and the lore is so immense and quickly growing that there is absolutely enough content to make it last as long as star wars or Spider-Man. Just time management and story-telling must remain key.

I'm not a fanboy for agreeing that my favorite entertainment franhcise deserves a much longer life than most game franchises, and as someone who has soaked up as much lore as I can find, I feel uniquely qualified to tell you, someone who sees it as a game about 'shooting everything rather than focusing on telling story' (despite the fact it's famous for being the polar opposite), that I agree with Phil

You're making comparisons he didn't make for the purpose of bashing it, and that to me says you're intent on downplaying this idea of a long life for the franchise.

Aloy-Boyfriend1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I think he has the wrong Idea about Spiderman. The comics have been in decline for a decade already and the movies have been mixed in reception. So if Halo is gonna last as long as spiderman, then I can see where it is heading...

Blaze9291123d ago

"It's shrouded in mystery because the whole game is focused on shooting everything rather than completely focusing on telling a story."

someone get this guy a Halo game, for he has clearly never played one.

christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


Why does this topic interest you again? You've stated many times your hate for MS and It's obvious you know nothing about Halo so why come in here talking crap?


Just ignore the guy. He knows nothing about Halo.

TheCommentator1122d ago

The lore in Halo is immense and told exceptionally well too. It goes back many hundreds of thousands of years. Do you know anything about Halo at all?

Btw, if Halo completely focused on telling a story it would be a book or a movie. No game does what you suggest.

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christocolus1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


Agreed there are so many untold stories in the Halo universe and even the books haven't told them all. Joseph staten and Eric nylund have more stories to tell and I'm personally hoping that we get a Halo RPG similar to Masseffect but based on the life and heirachy of the Conventants, for instance many don't even know how the grunts, jackals and even legoko(hunters) came to be part of the convenant.The Grunts were forced into this war. They tried at first to resist the elite invasion. they even fought off their captors but in a final attempt to take over the grunts homeworld,the elites were ordered by the prophets to gass their homeworld and many died and the rest had no option but to join the convenant army. Seeing how quickly the grunts are able to breed and grow their population,the prophets decided to use this to their advantage and put some sort of control on their birth rate, now they are only bred for the convenants own selfish purposes( war). Grunt hatchlings are quickly put through some quick army programme and deployed for battle.

greenmiker1123d ago

Halo is a great FPS, he is right. But there are other wonderful FPS too.

343_Guilty_Spark1123d ago

Halo has created a lore and a universe. Read the books. There are a million stories. It can very much like a Star Wars.

Loktai1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Most of the literature comes off as fan fiction and tacked on, not unlike the halo movie which anyone can see on netflix, the only thing that shitty in star wars is either the Muppet star wars special or maybe the jar jar binks marketing push.

Still no way it's touching star wars. That's not a direct insult there is very little that can touch or will touch star wars.

raggy-rocket1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

A lot of people on the thread seem to think he's saying it can be as huge in entertainment/as popular as star wars. It can't. He's saying it can last as long due to the immense amount of content to utilise.

And TECHNICALLY, Halo currently has more lore than Star Wars due to Disney being idiots and declaring everything non-canon.

I don't really see why people are up in arms about what he said. I do see why people WANT to be up in arms about it, though.

Der_Kommandant1123d ago

Like Phantom Menace or Amazing Spider Man 2?

MyDietEqualsGames1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Hopefully not, lol. Although the 2nd half of phantom menace was alright, fight scene at the end was good, however.

elarcadia1123d ago

Annualising this game would literally destroy it. He is right, a huge portion of Halo (and the main reason people keep coming back and back again) is the story. If they rushed to push a new one out every year, the story would most likely suffer. I am all for the Halo universe to keep growing and expanding, but I don't mind waiting a few years in between each one. Quality over quantity, please and thank you.

Loktai1123d ago

Seriously look what happened to assassin's creed

elarcadia1123d ago

This is the perfect example. Ugg. Poor Assassins Creed.

Mystogan1123d ago

A main game every 3 years is fine with me.

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