Games That Nobody Remembers

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "The video-game industry has been non-stop for many, many years, so it doesn’t come to a surprise that some titles are just forgotten about. Some of these titles upon release have a lot of hype and publicity but then mysteriously fade into obscurity. It’s sad, but there has to be reasons behind this Bermuda triangle of the gaming world. Let’s take a look at some titles that we just don’t remember."

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Yukes1123d ago

A little too soon to have forgotten Watch Dogs, Titanfall and Evolve - most gamers have just moved on.

Would add the hugely underplayed Freedom Fighters and the best local multi player game ever: Mashed. Seriously, don't knock it until you've tried it.

MrsNesbitt1123d ago

I don't think it's too soon. So much hype and money invested but easily forgotten. Shane really the good intent was there.

Anthotis1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I'll never forget wasting money on watch dogs.

My own fault really, as the warning signs should've been clear when they prevented reviews before release.

Even they knew it was trash.

iceman061123d ago

Freedom Fighters is one of my favorite games ever!

Yukes1123d ago

With you all the way there! It was so satisfying leading your squad of *gasp* actually fairly intelligent resistance fighters into battle. And Jesper Kyd's soundtrack is sublime :)

iceman061123d ago

That is EXACTLY why I liked it. The AI was really good for that time. (hell, for any time!!!) Plus, the idea was really fresh at the time.

Maple221123d ago

I agree with Titanfall, there was just something about it. It came to something when they were practically pushing it on people in an Xbox bundle. To be honest, some of those I haven't even heard of so I guess they belong right there on the list.

KilluaX31123d ago

You are most likely a casual gamer, so it's normal that you haven't heard about them.

GamerGabs1123d ago

There are just so many games that get made that it's impossible to get around to looking at all of them, let alone remembering them. It's certainly a shame that some titles end up getting overlooked or forgotten, simply because a different game takes it place. Particularly true for games like Watch Dogs and Evolve that had so much hype before their release. Hype is often the problem though, as people end up expecting something really amazing and anything short of that ends up leading to disappointment. Hype is essentially good for initial sales, but will make a game flop if it isn't as good as it promised.

c00lvilKid691123d ago

‘Bermuda triangle of the gaming world.’ – Nice phrase.

Didn’t Haze have a really good development company behind it? It had some awful writing though, I remember playing it and laughing.

MrsNesbitt1123d ago

Thanks, coined it all by myself. Nesbitt patent pending!!!

Skellytorx1123d ago

I think I still own that Spider-Man game! And you're right, I totally forgot about it.

I think the only reason why I have never forgotten Haze is because whilst working for GAME we had such a high volume of trade-ins of the game, our stockroom became Haze central. No idea why...

c00lvilKid691123d ago

Weird. Prior to the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Haze actually had an okay multiplayer.

Perjoss1123d ago

I never played Haze but from what I read somewhere it also had AI bots to play multiplayer content offline, something that is getting quite rare these days.

c00lvilKid691123d ago

Yeah, it did have that feature if I remember correctly. I miss Bots in FPS games actually. Do you remember Unreal Tournament or Timesplitters Future Perfect? They had some great multiplayer Bot mechanics. The last FPS I played with Bots was Killzone3, I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.