I'll Take A Real Assassin Game Please

DJMMT writes about how assassins portrayed in video games are not at all faithful of assassins in the real world. He explores games such as Assassin's Creed and Hitman, as well as games that don't even use assassins as their main focus, such as Kessen.

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iceman061124d ago

I would agree for the most part. However, I would say that you need to play the Tenchu series. It's based around the ninja and assassination for the sake of political gain/control in feudal Japan. The early Hitman games also do an excellent job of putting you in the shoes of a "professional" assassin. Absolution was a bid hybridized to give it more mass appeal. There was less need for stealth. Whereas, the older games really made you feel as though you couldn't afford to fail be forced to go guns blazing. The encouraged assassination with a bit of choice and flair if you chose.

TheCommentator1123d ago


Hitman rewards you for being a proper Hitman. It's possible to be a mass murderer, but it's a choice gamers make. 47 kills those who slip through the fingers of justice, and has a moral compass to protect/serve the innocent. He's a vigilante and assassin in one.

Ironically, Assassin's Creed has little to do with assassination at all. It's mass murdering with 5 minute intervals of "kill a target" every few hours.

iceman061123d ago

I totally agree. My Hitman post was cut up because it kept pausing. The Hitman games WERE very much like "professional" assassins if you played them correctly. I LOVE the set pieces in the game so much that I would just play them over and over finding new and creative ways to kill.

Revolver_X_1124d ago

Hitman 2, Hitman Blood Money, even Absolution lets you kill targets in multiple ways. The Contract Online mode in Absolution furthers that. While some missions emphasize time, most missions are free and leave 47 the chance to do some recon before making an approach. Your asking for some kind of plan room mini game like the old Rainbox Six' where you can plan your teams actions step by step. The only problem is, how do you expect 47 to get blueprint floor plans for all of these buildings and mansions, or wherever 47 is? Your thinking of it like it's some kind of fictional novel. None of these games are truly bad Assassins games. There just not doing what you want. In fact with practice and skill, you can do every mission in every Hitman without being seen. There are rankings to show this. Also, if you think its impossible to cleanly assassinate in any Assassins Creed games, you should check out missions done on PowerPyx's YouTube channel. I've used his methods plenty of times.

These Assassin games I feel are fine. They try to teach you to problem solve quickly and be precise. Planning move by move is just basically asking the game to hand you a win. For Christ sakes, I hated when Hitman Absolution gave you that stupid vision to see enemy projected paths. Your essentially asking for more of that, when you ask to get floor layouts, and pre-stage planning. I say the best assassinations are the opportunistic ones.

poppinslops1124d ago

Thing is, competent assassins are generally pretty 'boring'... most of their 'on the job' time is spent prepping - procuring equipment/intel, organising flights/transport, scouting, learning the target's (boring)routine - which means a lot of waiting around... films like 'No Country for Old Men' and 'The American' gave a sense of the patient, methodical nature of a 'professional' (though their plots were ludicrous), whereas Spielberg's 'Munich' tells a 'true' story with a cast of amalgamated characters who are about as believable as Jason Bourne - which is the only way of keeping the tale from getting too convoluted/boring.

I'd say Hitman: Bloodmoney does the best job of capturing Hollywood's 'realistic' style of assassination... it has pre-mission briefings, weapon prep (customization, concealment, pre-placed explosives/firearms etc), Agency support (47's handler provides in-mission intel) and a notoriety system that affects 47's efficiency across missions... yes, the storyline gets increasingly absurd (killing America's Vice-President in the White House?!), but - like the films I mentioned - that's the only way to keep the game entertaining.

While I'm sure there's a (niche) market for 'realistic' assassination games, I can't imagine they'd be very entertaining... they'd basically be a lonely waiting simulator.

morganfell1124d ago

I think the word "boring" for believable assassins is contextual and a matter of how the character of the actual assassin is portrayed. My favorite movie assassin, Max Von Sydow's Jobert from Three Days of the Condor is mesmerizing.