Tearaway Was Originally an Open-World RPG and the PS4 Version Was "a Crazy Experiment"

You've probably heard that Tearaway started life on the PS Vita as an exclusive title to the console before being remade for the PS4. When Sony and Media Molecule announced Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 we all shook our heads and sighed as it was yet another sign the PS Vita wasn't a viable platform for publishers to make a profit on, and that the remake was coming around as a way to claw back some of the development costs.

Turns out we were wrong. According to Media Molecule, Tearaway Unfolded was initially just the team messing around to see if it could be done.

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vongruetz1173d ago

Tearaway would have worked better for me as an open world RPG style game. Something more akin to Animal Crossing. My issue with the way it is now is that there's little incentive to go back after completing it. But what if you could have Iota craft a house and have other activities for him to do, it would have held my attention longer.

chrish19901173d ago

Aside from trophy hunting, it's pretty much a one play game.

vongruetz1173d ago

Even with trophy hunting, it's not that long. I got the Platinum shortly after my first play-through.

AnotherProGamer1173d ago

nah, we are getting too much open world RPGs these days and no 3D platformers like Tearaway