STR CAST 47: Comic Con Long Beach 2015

The Nerds record “Live” from Long Beach Comic Con 2015

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Spike Lancaster, Samson Lancaster, Cat McGuire

Special Guest: Ben Magnet (Nerdgasm Podcast)

Special Thanks to: Vivid Vivka, Greta Grenade, Blanche Bourgeois, Zurblade (Sal), The Library Bards (Xander Jeanneret, Bonnie Gordon), Taylor Raymond, The Agents of Guard (Earl Baylon, Justin Quizon), ZFO Entertainment (Bradley Pierce, J Paul Zimmerman), Damon “Damonino1Prime”, AJ, Tyler (Evil Reel), Eric “Punchout”, Mike Colbert of Fanboy Nation, Jason Mendoza of Gnomon School of Visual Effects Games and Animation, Johnathan Durante, Paul Hungerford of StarTrek the Improvised Generation, Dennis from Extra-Life and Victor Perfecto for screwing up the bumper twice 😉 and EVERYONE THAT VISITED US AT COMIC CON LONG BEACH 2015!

Music: n8bit

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