Van Helsing: Final Cut Release Date Delayed

What should be the "definitive edition" of the Van Helsing trilogy needs a bit more time in the shop, but along with the delay comes some good news too.

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MRBIGCAT1756d ago

I have no problems with delays. None at all.

Tzuno1756d ago

yes it gives me time for other unfinished games.

JsonHenry1756d ago

The first game I was unable to beat the final boss due to a crash glitch that never was patched. The second game will not start on 2 of my 3 PCs, also another glitch that is very wide-spread that they never fixed. I will not give them money for another game. EVER.

GrapesOfRaf1756d ago

Yup, delays are only bad when they start to delay things indefinitely...

MercilessDMercer1756d ago

Would absolutely rather wait than be given busted up game

Digital_Anomaly1756d ago

I'm one of those lowly console peasants still waiting on that Xbox One version of the first game!! Lol

WeAreLegion1756d ago

This is not the PS2 game I was hoping for.