Sony prepares for the PS Vita's long term future

Last week, a sizable roster of PS Vita games from various publishers, small to large, received permanent price drops in Europe. But unlike the typical sale on the PS Store, this was received with very little fanfare. Indeed, last week’s PS Store update post doesn’t even mention this in passing. What's going on?

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o-Sunny-o1219d ago

I really want to play my Vita again. They should make another off game Persona or I would say MGS...but ya know.. Sad to not see the Bioshock come to life for the Vita.

blackblades1219d ago

Play mine everyday, there's plenty to play on it it's all on the player.

3-4-51219d ago

I still have games to play on my Vita, but there aren't a ton I like that are releasing.

Too many weird borderline pervy games for Vita that just don't appeal to me.

I don't want to play virtual barbies.

I want a real RPG, with a real story and actual likable characters.

* I still have Suikoden 1&2, Trails in the Sky, SC, Cold Steal 1&2 to play, along with Hot Shots Golf, but there aren't a ton of newer Vita only games that interest me.

Shame because PSP had a wide variety of games and Vita has 80% super niche games.

I really hope they have some good games for 2016/2017 for the Vita.

World of Final Fantasy looks good though, as does Dragon Quest Builders.

lifeordeath6171218d ago

Thanks i couldn't say it any better. At my college theres 1 Vita owner compared to near 8 3DS owners. Vita is a great handheld indeed. i miss the PSP days when handheld games were their own games and not mere ports. It sickens me almost everytime i look at the PS Vita tab, its a new japanese schoolgirl breast simulator lol. Nothing wrong about it but its just games im not fond of

nodim1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Here ya go again with your copy/paste of the pervy games on vita. Mr. Parrot strikes once more. They've announced quite a lot of good story-heavy games lately that will be or are localized, your parrot stuff is now only confusing people.

TheLoCoRaven1219d ago

I'd like another FPS game. I think Killzone Mercenary is easily the best game on the system and actually one of the better Killzone games as a whole.

ThunderPulse1219d ago

I play Unit 13 when I feel like playing an FPS on my VITA.

1218d ago
ThunderPulse1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

You can play the game in First person if you aim down sights the whole time like I do.

Joey_Leone1218d ago

The problem with the vita is that its lacking games that appeal to different audiences, look at the psp, Twisted metal, daxter, GTA (in 3d, no bird view). Also, titles like minecraft that are digital only is hurting the vita, think about it, when somebody wants to buy minecraft, they look at the shelf, and they don't see a physical version anywhere on the vita shelf, but they do on the ps3 shelf.

donwel1219d ago

Speaking as a cynic, does the Vita have a long term future?
Now don't get me wrong, I love my Vita and play it a fair amount more than my other systems, but we've been getting some very mixed signals from Sony. Not least the fact that they stopped making games for it ages ago and the system is only being supported games-wise by 3rd party devs.
Maybe that's Sonys current plan for the system, but I'd say the Vita's future looks hazy at best, at least with regards to its creator.

ColManischewitz1219d ago

I think the future is from third-parties for as long as they can make money off it.

TRGMatt1219d ago

Right, but as Sony relinquishes their support for it, the money AVAILABLE to be made is limited and 3rd parties are hesitant to spend time/money on Vita game development for that reason.

I can't help but wonder if they grew the handheld wing of SCE, then there would be lots of money to be made. But we'll likely never know.

donwel1219d ago

True, though it would be nice to get some 1st party attention every now and then.

1218d ago
fishy11219d ago

I wonder if my Vita even works any more. I dont think its been outside the closet in over a year.......

AizenSosuke1219d ago

Long term future Sony make it so.

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