Jeremy Corbyn Would Love Tropico 5

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“I wasn’t very good at the game anyway. My power shortages were as frequent as Pyongyang’s and my nuclear weapons program was twice as diabolical – it was certainly something Jeremy Corbyn would have never agreed to.”

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Yukes1122d ago

Very funny article! A very topical take on Tropico :)

Maple221122d ago

You got me with the Corbyn... A really witty piece. Great read.

Skellytorx1122d ago

"The most evil thing you can do is profit from the World War". Jeez, that would never make my evil deeds list!

c00lvilKid691122d ago


Supplying the Axis of Evil with ammunition is still not as bad as launching the baby penguin in Super Mario 64.

Yukes1122d ago

You mean dropping the baby penguin off a floating island. Instigating the plunge to his death after you have given his mother hope by rescuing him! Damn right that's colder than a little blood money!

GamerGabs1122d ago

Nice article. Never actually played any of the Tropico games, but if I get around to them I'll remember to keep a light-hearted attitude.

c00lvilKid691122d ago

I’m not sure you’re missing out on much when you say you haven’t played a Tropico game. Probably worth waiting until the new Age of Mythology instead. City building with ancient Gods is far better than city building with politics.

Angeljuice1122d ago

Tropico is very in depth and a lot of fun. It's well worth a purchase.

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