The IGEA Top Ten Chart powered by NPD - Australia Week 37

Rugby League Live 3 debut’s #1 holding off Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker. Highlights:

-Rugby League Live 3 has a strong debut at #1 and leads both the Xbox One and PS4 charts
-Super Mario Maker makes a splash on the charts coming in at #3 but Mad Max stays strong at #2.
-After debuting at #1, Metal Gear Solid V falls to #4 this week.
-EA has a strong presence on the charts with Madden 16 at #6 and Need for speed: Rivals and Battlefield 4 continue their chart revival positioning at #7 and #8 respectively.

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DarkOcelet1175d ago


MGSV at 4 and Mad Max at 2. I am honestly glad Aussies are supporting Mad Max.