PS.Blog: More BioShock Trophy Details

Tynan Wales writes:

"Hello again readers. I am Tynan Wales, a game designer here at 2K Marin and I'm happy to bring you more tidbits from the BioShock vaults."


""A Man Chooses" is the first of these golden trophies and is reserved for those with the courage to complete Survivor difficulty. Its name is meant, in the words of Andrew Ryan, father of Rapture, to remind you that a man chooses because in Survivor mode every choice could mean the difference between life and death."

More on trophies at the Playstation.Blog.

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theKiller4324d ago

finally bioshock will get the respect that 360 and PC didnt give, and only on ps3!!

DavidMacDougall4324d ago

Yeah ill be gettin it.Ran throught it on the xbox360 but im going to make it harder for myself and put it on hard , should be fun!

Ace Killa 084324d ago

Dude the game is the greatest game out there. Dude WTF do you mean no respect. If it werent for these two platforms the game wouldn't be a success and it wouldn't have been made for the PS3. honestly i think you should check what you say before you fanboyism makes you look retarded.

eagle214324d ago

this trophy whore is working them :)