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Despite being "the Choice of a New Generation", Pepsi ultimately lost the Cola wars. But millions of people around the world still drink it. PES may never reclaim the spot it held 10 years ago, but maybe that just doesn't really matter.

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higgins781749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

A fair review - based on my early impressions with it. Was a PES man all up until Fifa 09 - the point in which PES fumbled the ball. I tried most PES's year after year, each feeling terribly outdated and clunky. However, it appears this year PES has (least for me) taken the lead. Not 'perfect', but after playing both demos (Fifa and PES) decided Fifa felt for the first time in ages trite and more like I remember playing on the Megadrive/SNES than anything of late. I hope Konami/PES can build upon this and we will be in for more of the glory PES days of old...

skwidd1749d ago

Big fan of PES, or should I say Winning Eleven. Ever since they went into last gen and changed the name I lost interest. Last year's demo made me buy the game but it never held my interest enough. This year's 2016 Ive been playing tons with my friends and the game I feel is back to its glory days. Having said that, this review was great to read! Poignant and on point. I hope Konami reads this and steps it up to ensure not only PES's longevity but its success to be king again, because at the end of it its one heck of a game on the pitch. And the PES team knows it.