The Best Upcoming PlayStation VR Games

PS4Home: "The following is the list and brief description of some of the best upcoming Sony PlayStation VR game titles"

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DigitalRaptor1756d ago

I can't wait for The Hum: Abductions - especially with the immersion of VR. I've always wanted to play an alien abduction game for years.

Adr1ft looks like Gravity: The Adventure Game, again another one I can't wait to slip into and get lost in space.

DigitalRaptor1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

This list is also missing RIGS, Ark: Survival Evolved and The Assembly, which all look great.

And if No Man's Sky is announced for the PSVR, I will be there day one!

MysticStrummer1756d ago

Interesting. I didn't know Adrift was a VR title. That and the alien abduction thing both look cool.

slappy5081755d ago

I'm looking forward to giving final fantasy 14 another go, In VR

Tiqila1755d ago

Hopefully there will be a SOMA update for Playstation VR.

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