Xbox One PES 2016 Key Edit Mode Features Missing

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "We are about to deliver our absolutely glowing review of PES 2016 later this evening but we're left with a somewhat sour taste in our mouth from Konami. Adam Bhatti (Konami PR) distinctly mentioned that PES 2016 would address the absolute lazy arsed edit mode of PES 2015 and whilst PES 2016 addresses many of the key missing features. The Xbox One version of the game misses out the two key edit features that are needed to make the game authentic and make up for it's lack of licensing in certain leagues."

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Scottyxboxoneandps41747d ago

That sucks on Xbox. I have it for ps4 imported all the premier league kits looks great. Now just waiting for the roster update to be released!!! Come on konami!!!

Head_bigg1747d ago

Pretty gutted. I picked up the digital bundle on Xbox One just so we could review this game, wish i got a retail copy so i could have switched it to the PS4 version. Did you hear about the PC version? They fxcked it.

iceman061747d ago

Agreed. I did the same thing. It was far easier than I expected and much more efficient than the way it was done on PS3. Maybe they can patch it into the game for Xbox at a later date? It would just suck that many people would pass up on this wonderful game (as always)because of the lack of licenses. I fully understand it...but it would still suck.

Immorals1747d ago

Another reason for people to abandon Konami.

Rocky51747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Hear hear & the thing is Konami will blame MS for the features missing.

How hard is it to setup a custom local server ingame that allows you to import images over a network, instead of this USB lark.
(as the console makers get the wrap for the feature missing)

This is how the server thing could work.

Select an option in Edit mode, say "Enable Import Server" as a name example.
Navigate on your computers browser to what ever the set IP is.
Click on the import button & select an image or multiple images.
Now wait till it's finished transferring over the images.

I even suggested this to Bhatti but the guys a tool & never listens.
(so ever bloody year I have to make a new PES PC/PS3 to Xbox Converter, for a game I don't even own :/)