SOMA Is a PS4 Horror Game You Daren’t Take Your Eyes Off

On the eve of its release, PSLS peaks between its fingers at Frictional Games' PS4 horror, SOMA.

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timmyp531126d ago

This game took about 11 hours to complete for most testers. I'm definitely down for that value!!!

MasterCornholio1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Thats pretty long for a 30$ game.

Im really impressed with Indies lately.

"Frictional Games isn't really located in Helsingborg, two of us live here and the company is registered here, other than that it is very much a virtual company. Currently we are five people working full-time, all from our own homes, with the Internet as our "office". In addition we hire contractors to help out with specific tasks during production, such as audio, writing and graphics."

After reading that.


u4one1126d ago

yeah same. good stuff coming out. i'm definitely going to pick this one up. love the art direction to boot.

DigitalRaptor1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Yeah, truly impressive. Although after Penumbra and Amnesia, it really is not that big of a surprise. Frictional Games are going to go on to big things.

I think the indie detractors should feel pretty awkward after the games like this that PS4 has been getting and will continue to get from very small independent teams.

Can't wait to download this at midnight!!!

Kingdomcome2471126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

That reminds me of Moon Studios the dev team behind Ori. They were something around 7-10 people strong, I believe. They mainly corresponded through Skype and email. Some of the team members never even met one another until post launch. It goes to show what can be acheived with work ethic and a singular vision. This game reminds me of a mixture of Bioshock, The Sphere, the cramped quarters of Dead Space 1, and with the crazy looking figures Ghost Ship maybe? Lol. I just know that it looks awesome.

_-EDMIX-_1126d ago

"Im really impressed with Indies lately." I think we can stop using that term now.

Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are by independent teams.....

Soo yes, independent teams can create great work as they are no different then any other team other then not being owned.

That is like saying your really impressed with an independent artist as if being a commerical artist makes your work different..

Both can do the exact same work and one would not be able to tell the different. Independent is not a genre, it has almost no bearing on the quality of the work. Max Payne was done by a independent team and Rockstar merely agreed to published.

As in it went from a finished independent game, to a commercial owned game..

The game didn't change lol, it was STILL MAX PAYNE.

If a game is finished and completed and its them published under a big publisher......what exactly is happening to the game that one would deem it some sort of genre after its been published?

Independent is merely stating its not owned, its not a genre and its no different then any other game.

Consider Rockstar one day could not renew their contract with Rockstar Owns the IP to GTA...they very much could just self publish GTA one day...thus making it indie.

Soooooo if they merely make another blockbuster game, would we now be surprised at its quality? As if it being owned or not had something to do with that?

Its a really impressive game....period. Someone owning it or not has little to do with its quality.

MasterCornholio1126d ago


I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking Indies on the contrary I love them.

What I really mean is that I'm impressed with the quality of games that really small studios are capable of making.

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UKmilitia1126d ago

friggin trailer scared me,no way i can play this.

N4G3RZ1126d ago

Stop being a girl (sorry if this offends any feminists) and play it lol If this scares you then you defo do not want to play PT demo that was on PS4.

This game looks great you cannot be scared of a video game? I cant wait to try it out!

HmongAmerican1126d ago

Jumps scare and crying is the most powerful remedies in human. Don't believe me, after you cry you will feel much better the same being scare. I know because experience it before. To over come being scare watch Tales Of Horror from japan.

Tsar4ever011126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

I'm still waiting for that space syfy horror game ROUTINE to come out, where's the update on That, And will it be ported to PS4 I wonder?

RpgSama1126d ago

Playstation 4, The place where you can play everything, with until Dawn and Soma we are set in the horror department for the remainder of this year.

Repjaws1126d ago

"Daren't" is a word?Huh,you learn something new everyday .

Spotie1126d ago

I'm here solely because of that word; if Until Dawn is terrifying me, I'm not even gonna read about this game.

But I'll go anywhere for a word like daren't.

Justiceleague1126d ago

My eyes are wide open and I cannot wait to play this tonight

S2Killinit1126d ago

Im thinking about jumping into this one. Just not sure what to expect.

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